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  1. I too believe that fraud reports should not be allowed to be made anonymously. Especially when the case turns out to be just an evil act of revenge on someone they should not be able to to just sit back and laugh about it. This may be slightly off topic and apologies if so but I'm still extremely bitter...but what about people who are investigated who are actually innocent? I was treated horrifically at my IUC, both myself and my flatmate had every part of our lives trawled through, my neighbours were visited, nothing was left unturned. I nearly killed myself and 2 other people in a car crash the day after I got my overpayment letter through and I'm now on anti psychotic, anti depressant medication and barely leave the house. I purposely avoid driving past the building that creep of a man works in when I am out. I had to be forced into going to my appeal and thank god I did. Where is the justice for people like me?? My life is ruined! Seriously people, just get on with your own lives, shopping someone isn't going to change the governments plans, they will get what they deserve one way or another eventually. Do you really want to take the chance of reporting someone who may be doing nothing wrong? Maybe it's just me...I was brought up not to be a snitch.
  2. I say leave it up to DWP/LA with all their fancy data matching tools, hidden cameras and special powers etc to find the fraudsters! You never really know the true circumstances of someone. Some people may not like to admit they are on benefits so might say they are working in passing conversation etc. I'm sure we've all came across this before and more. False accusations ruin lives. I won my appeal for alleged fraud nearly a year ago now and I'm still not over it and never will be!
  3. Hi Wayne, I'm going through the same thing as yourself although have not been referred to that company. This week will be my 5th WFI in just over 4 months. I was under the impression it was 6 appointments spread out over the year. I too am getting support from various other places to help me get better...all mental health as my physical problems are permanent and only going to get worse over time...but being forced to attend these appointments is all I can think about from one month to the next and is holding me back. I'm sure you feel the same? The only break I got was when I was going through a course of CBT so if anything like that is available to you through your GP or support network take it if you can as this is classed as work related activity so I was told. Also things like counselling, support groups etc.
  4. Hi niwena, did you seek any advice from anyone when you got the overpayment letter through? You should have been advised to appeal this amount. I'm shocked this is going to court, it wasn't dishonest from the outset AND you ended the claim before you even knew they had begun investigating. To me this says a lot. Sometimes people make mistakes...doesn't mean they have to pay for it the rest of their life. I hope all goes well for you, I really do.
  5. Thanks all Margaret, I'm on conts ESA...based on an ESA50...no medical so assuming there will be no medical report to ask for? My GP faxed them a letter asking for home visit and listed why I was unable to attend and they cancelled it straight away. I guess based on that I probably should have appealed being put in WRAG, was extremely unwell at the time and didn't know the ins and outs of the groups etc. Jasta/essex...believe me I'm trying to avoid it, I don't intend to re-claim when the year runs out, I can't go through all this again. Not sure how I'll survive mind you but I'm getting to the point of not caring. I told her I'd like to have a go at self employment as I've a couple of hobbies I used to do when I felt well that I maybe could do something with in the future. She knows I've serious MH issues as well as physical ones...throw some self employment courses or counselling stuff at me and I'll do it...I just don't know why she's trying so damn hard to get me on this WP. Do they get a bonus for it or something?
  6. Thanks Mr. P....I'm in WRAG just based on ESA50, no medical, no evidence. I should have appealed but wasn't well enough. I've been to an information session with Ingeus...the lady was very nice though she didn't mention anything about it being mandatory as the link you gave me suggests nor did my adviser..I'm shocked.
  7. Hi All Does anyone have a list or can point me to a website that can advise on what things are classed as work related activity please? My adviser is not being very helpful and just wants me to sign up to the work program which I don't feel I'm able for. I got a breather for a few weeks there as I was going through CBT but she keeps booking WFI's for me every 2 weeks...She knows the jobcentre freaks me out and she's like "well if you don't sign up for the WP you'll just have to keep coming here" ... Next week will be my 5th one in 3 months. So I'm trying to find stuff on my own to do that will help my mental health and won't hurt me physically to "satisfy the rules" of receiving my benefit. I feel this was the threat of a sanction when she said this. I'm still on the waiting list for CMHT and CPN etc...I don't think she realises the extent of my illnesses. Thanks
  8. I was at an Ingeus info session a couple of weeks ago but I don't understand your question.... It was basically just a group of us listening to a lady telling us what the company had to offer, somehow I didn't quite believe it though.
  9. A short letter/statement from your current partner would really help too x
  10. Mine was for a different benefit/situation...I got the decision 2 weeks after my interview that they believed such and such and I owed X amount. I appealed straight away, won my appeal and have not heard a thing since. I'm not sure if DWP's caution's are in the same league as a police caution. Again, best to check with your solicitor.
  11. Hi Tagga I hope your IUC goes well and good on you for taking a solicitor in with you. I've been to one myself so know exactly how you feel. I think it would be best to ask your solicitor regarding the informing of your employer at this stage. When is your interview? Please keep us updated and good luck! x
  12. Hi Kevin, sorry to hear you are going through this. Did you appeal your case at all when you first got notified there was an overpayment? Also I think in this case as you were under the influence of medication, I think it would be really useful if you could get a copy of the tape recording of the interview for your solicitor to listen to if you haven't done so already? This will give him/her a chance to hear if you were treated fairly throughout...sometimes the paper transcripts alone can make things sound very different.
  13. Thanks antone, in that case mine would fall on a Monday so that has put my mind at rest some thanks for that Just when she emphesised how nothing would change and no breaks in payment etc that's why I started to worry. I also did a google search and it seems the problem is quite problem especially with the first payment.
  14. I do plan to phone first thing on Monday...I have bad anxiety so was looking for some peace of mind before then. I have online banking but it doesn't show incoming payments. Thanks for the link
  15. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone can put my mind at rest about this if possible? My ESA claim started on Dec 10th...I was usually paid IB on a friday which means with their "no breaks in payment" policy I should have gotten a payment yesterday as normal but I didn't. The last payment I got was on the 6th. Does anyone know if they shift payments to accommodate the new claim date or am I likely to be facing some kind of other problem here? The woman that phoned me about my claim did specifically say nothing would change so that's why I'm worried and also the time of year is not the best. I could kick myself for not checking yesterday then I could have phoned...now I have to wait til Monday but if anyone could put my mind at ease til then it would be much appreciate. Thanks x
  16. So did I! Mine came during the week, was petrified. It should NOT be like this!
  17. Hi Ian I've had a motability car for the past 9 years now. Yes you can specify as many optional extras as you need fitting. Depending on the car, some might have some you need already...others you will have to pay for. As far as I'm aware they don't count towards the original AP amount but are added on as "extras". My AP for my current car was £595 but the colour I wanted was £400 extra. This was not itemised on the bill that motability sent me so I'm assuming it's a discretionary thing. Of course that may vary from dealer to dealer...mine was from Ford. Room for negotiation? not 100% sure on items you need for your disability needs but as I had been with Ford for 9 years they gave me my colour choice for £145 so yes for material things but you would really need to talk to your dealer for the other items. Dealers are trying to get as much Motability business as they can at the moment so it doesn't hurt to tell them you're not sure if it's within your price range and you'll need to think about it. You may find they offer you discounts then. I don't see any reason why your hoist can't be fitted assuming it fits the car you are going for...it saves both them and yourself money but you would need to really check that with them. Yes it's possible to have business cover for your motability car. I just looked at my insurance documents for you and it's fine but you MUST let them know beforehand. Hope this helps you some.
  18. That's awful and I do not believe they need a presenting officer to attend...delaying tactics maybe? There was nobody from DWP at mine. I see no reason why it shouldn't be adjourned especially when you asked for it to go to appeal before they started to prepare it for court. Well done for keeping it together for so long, I know it's not easy.
  19. Hi, thanks, this is what I wanted to know, like is it standard procedure for them to send one or does it vary by area or just depend on the investigator? Has anyone else been to an IUC and gotten a release from caution letter? or a letter stating no court action is going to be taken?
  20. Hi dc, yes I just updated my original thread with the appeal outcome. I can't believe you are still waiting for yours! I really hope a date for it comes through before it goes to court. How long now since your IUC? Unfortunately the cloud never goes away, not for me anyway. I'm finding it really difficult to move on.
  21. Nothing at all? I mean you went to interview and that was it? Sorry don't mean to be nosey.
  22. Hi all, Does anyone know if DWP FIS let you by letter (or other way) if they have closed their investigation? Also if they do NOT intend to prosecute do they advise of this or not? My interview was 9 months ago, won my tribunal appeal 3 months ago but have not heard anything regarding if case has been closed or is still on going. Thanks
  23. Hi SayAnything, I hear what you are saying. We are alike in some ways. If I'm understanding you correctly...you would rather have the piece of mind by coming off DLA and not having to think about it therefore less stress, paranoia and anxiety? These symptoms themselves can be extremely debilitating so you have to weigh up the pros and cons. Write them down if it helps. From what I've read I can't see you have anything to be worrying about unless like the others say...your condition has improved to a much greater degree than was stated on your forms but if you clearly mentioned the fluctuations on your forms then I see no reason to cancel it especially until you are out of hospital because it will just be even more stress for you filling out the new PIP form and attending one of their crazy medicals. Good Luck x
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