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  1. Hi, Could I also ask if my situation is similar, I have received a parking ticket from Excel Parking, they call it a Parking Charge Notice. I recently went for a job interview in Wakefield and as I stood at the machine to pay was offered a ticket from another friendly gentleman who had paid for parking but left well before expiry time of the ticket. I took the ticket largely on the basis that I was in a rush and of course didn't really see any issue as Parking had clearly been paid for. Anyway they have now sent me a Parking Charge Notice informing me that I owe them £60 for parking on a private land without a valid ticket or permit. I am out of work at the moment so £60 is a fortune and decided to look at your site following reccomendations from a friend. From what I have gleaned from this great post is that: The only way the parking charge notice could be enforceable is if they showed I had agreed to pay £60 as a straightforward fee in return for parking. Even in that highly unlikely circumstance the charge would be owed by the driver, not the owner/keeper.So if they did take this to County Court (which from reading the posts is unlikely) they would have to prove who the driver was on this day. So again from reading the above if I write them a letter advising them that I have no contract with them for any sort of service or goods, and that if I receive any more letter from them regarding this I will charge for my time, hopefully that should resolve this. Any help or guidance you can give me would be greatly received, and many thanks in advance and what a great website. Best Regards, Paula.
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