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  1. Hi! You misunderstood me a bit..i didnt play a game just i said to myself that i am a very old man that takes the train from hayle that there is not ticket office or ticket machine and i cant sit up and go to find the constructor, so he ll come? The answer was negative..of course i get up and found the constructor a lot of time before we arrive to terminal station. Anyway i dont think that has to do with the system but the company itself..no worry about me there is no possibility to this happen again, i just saying...
  2. Hi guys! I receive the letter yesterday and i pay today 68 pounds so everything stays far from court i think.. .btw yesterday i took the train again from hayle and i try to see what ll happen if i dont go to search the constructor inside the train and if he ll come to me. ..i wait until we pass st erth (one stop before terminal station) and then i saw some company employees to pass in front of me in the carriage A (quiet carriage) so i ask for a ticket. .they told me that there is another constructor in the previews carriages that i can buy a ticket. .so i was waiting until the other constructor comes to me something that never happens! So i get up and i search the constructor inside the train so to buy a ticket before we arrive at terminal station.. the conclusion is that if i was an old man maybe i had receive penalty fare or reported for prosecution yesterday.. Ps: I told to the constructor that he should pass from all the carriages to ask for a ticket and he answer..."its ok dont worry" hmmm nice answer.. Ps2: all the passengers in the carriage A start laughing with the whole situation! Companys people should consider again how they should treat to their customers instead of giving letters!! Thanks again guys for the help!
  3. Yes everything i told you is absolutely truth but there is no way to believe me the company simply because the constructor was in the train but no one see him at least the 6 persons from Hayle. I was in the first carriage behind the train driver so maybe the constructor pass very fast without telling something about the tickets ( i have see that in the past) because always when we approach the terminal station (penzance) all the stuff runs a bit propably to prepare the train for the arrival. as i mention before, i am from a foreign country, i am alone here my english are not the best and i dont want any more trouble with the company. .i hope you understand my situation! thank you very much all of you!! You give me a lot of help and the more important knowledge for the future!! I ll let you know the new facts when i ll receive the letter.
  4. No you cant access the station when the train arrives from the exterior rail but i ll not argue anyone anyway, i ll apologize and i hope to this case stop there!
  5. I see..i am concern a bit because maybe i ll need to change work and city (inside uk) in about a month and i really dont know how they ll find me! Also as i told you before, the inspector told me that they will call me first but even if i have read a lot of cases in web i didnt see to call anyone, thats good or bad you believe?
  6. Thank you very much for your infos, certainly i ll be aware and this ll not happen again. Ps: Any chance to phone first capital before they send me a letter and apologize and pay a fine or it ll be useless?
  7. If i was in my country i ll make the same, but i am alone here and i dont want any troubles, so i really hope to send me a fine and thats it!
  8. I ask the inspector how i ll get a ticket in a train station that there is not machines or ofiice? She told me that the ticket officer asks for tickets and we (we were 5-6 people) told her that no one came for tickets..or everyone was blind or i really dont know what to say! After that she told me that anyway you should look for the ticket officer inside the train and if you cant find you should buy a ticket after you depart from the machines. As i mention before i didnt know all this details and propably all the other people too. I really feel bad and i want to get rid of it! At least i hope thae inspector didnt lie, because she said me that if answer to some questions the case ll not go to the court, but i ll pay a fine and they ll call me. Do you know in how many days the letter ll come to my house?
  9. In the morning i go to work with a friend by car but the afternoon he can only drive me back sometimes, other times i go with the train.
  10. Yes unfortunately this is what happen..my fault is that i had to find the ticket officer inside the train but this is something i didnt know and i really dont have a problem to pay a penalty fare, but if they prosecute me i think is too much for my case.
  11. I am sorry but you clearly didnt read the post from the beggining, you ll notice that there wasnt way to the tickets before i meet the inspectors. About the laws you are absolutely right and its clearly my fault, as i said before i stuck to the penalty fares rules in the first capitals website.
  12. Sorry but i fill you didnt read the firsts page posts or my english are too bad (i am really sorry for that i am trying hard) because if you do you ll see that i had only one chance, the chance inside the train something i didnt know as i mention..theres no second chance because the inspectors where BEFORE the ticket machines and ticket office and of course i ask for ticket the inspectors but they took my address, my name and make me some questions instead. I am trying to say you in almost all the posts that if i knew the procedure in stations where are no machines or ticket offices of course and i would try to find the ticket officer (something i ll do in the future) but i didnt know it mainly because i stuck to the penalty fare rules in their website ( i thought this rules was according to the law) but now i realize that is not true and so on its my fault of course. I dont want to blame anyone else except me of course but i think there is also responsibility from the company. Before some days i went to the super market and the cashier girl didnt charge me for one of the stuff i buy something that i realize when i see my receipt when i went back to my house. The next day i went again to the super market and i pay the stuff because i didnt want the girl probably to pay the amount..i mean i dont have any problem to pay for my ticket or try avoid, i am not a kid and i really am lawful and i ve never had troubles in my country or here in uk so i have take all this a bit bad! Ps: They said that we ll call me before the letter, this is something good?
  13. Thanks for your replies! I dont say anywhere to change any rules, i just say it doesnt feel right to me to not provide ticket payment method and expect for the people to trying find the ticket officer inside the train especially when you dont mention this information in your website, train station, inside the train or behind the tickets. Thanks all of your for your replies and suggestions!
  14. Please read my first posts carefully because i wrote that i didnt have the chance to pay my ticket except from a ticket officer inside the train and the inspectors waiting for as exactly outside the train. At first i thought they have machines and i told them " A ticket from Hayle please?" but it seems there intense was to trap everyone there.
  15. Thanks for the reply! France was just an example..i always pay my ticket when there is a payment source to buy a ticket and i never dont want to avoid payment but it looks that wasnt very well informed to the situation that there is not a machine or office...now i know and certainly i would try to find the officer inside the train..but i was wondering if i was a 85 years woman and couldnt walk so good so to go and find the ticket officer in the moving train (really its absolutely safe for a mature to walk when the train is moving?) what i should do? Its not my intense to go for a battle with the company of course, i ll apologize and pay my fine, but also the company need to find solutions to the problems and not prosecutions!
  16. Thats exactly what i am saying, you are absolutely right but if you come to hayle station for the first time there is not sign simply because there is no way to buy a ticket. My responsibilitie is to pay the ticket and their responsibilitie is to have a ticket machine in every station or any other paying system or they should be more elastic to this or other station like this.
  17. Thanks! Of course and i know that is not free, but the fact that there wasn't other pay option but searching the ticket officer inside the train is something that should mention in their website and not lying to the people that if there is not machine or ticket office you ll not pay. So be me for a minute but go to France for example for first time as a foreign guy there. .what you ll think if you see a station that you cant take a ticket? To search their website and find the solution.. if in their website you can find a solution that said " If you are in the station without machine or office you need to search inside the train for the ticket officer" please let me know! I thought that its their problem to have machines in all the stations.. how i suppose to know the laws in a foreign country for me?
  18. Thanks for your replies! Yes i have made this before because i didnt know that i need to search the ticket officer and i had read the general guide that if in the station is not machine or ticket office you ll not pay a penalty fare. A lot of times of course when the ticket officer came to me, i pay (i thought that this was the procedure)
  19. I really dont know what i can say but when another guy ask the inspector "why you dont add an automatic ticket machine in hayle station?" he said because its just 5 minutes! I dont think that this is an appropriate answer from their side. Its first time that something like that happens in my entire life and i dont like it at all but at least i hope they ll send me just a fine without the need of prosecution.
  20. Thanks! I am in the country just 7 months and really i didn't know that, and the worst is that they don't mention it in their website guide. You can check it here firstcapitalconnect.co.uk/tickets-and-fares/peak-tickets/penalty-fares/ Of course may be i am missing something because my english are not the best.
  21. There is no other option when the train arrives from the exterior space, this is the only way. When i have the chance always pay my ticket and ll be ridiculous if they reported me for prosecution when they know that in Hayle there is no option to buy a ticket and honestly i didnt see or hear any ticket officer inside the train and i am not the only one, we were 6-7 people. At least i hope as the inspector told me that there ll be a fine without the need to go to court, i really dont like troubles even if insist that this in unfair in the specific situation.
  22. It looks like this image is a bit old. Now it is a gate there i am the black figure and the red is the inspector.
  23. I didnt try to leave the train station without buy a ticket because i didnt have the chance! In Penzance you can arrive from the interior at the station and from the exterior. We arrive from the exterior space. .the ticket machines and office are in the interior but the inspectors waiting us to the exterior gate. they told us that we had to buy the ticket inside the train but i didnt see the ticket officer there. Other that, before 2 days the same happens again with the difference that instead of the inspectors to write our names you had the chance to buy a ticket from a ticket officer there, and of course i bought one immediately because as i said i dont have a problem at all to avoid payment but today it was something like trap in my opinion.
  24. Thanks again for the reply! No one took penalty fare from all the guys where there (7-8 persons) but they told us that ll receive a letter.. the exit is before the tickets office if you know exterior space of penzance station. Other that i am not British and i really dont know the laws here but i read their guide in their web site as i mention before there is no machine or office in hayle so i can pay my ticket.. the morning i go to work with a friend that he has a car but the afternoons i return alone by train so i dont went in the train station at the mornings so i can buy all day ticket! The inspector told me that i ll receive a fine and if i dont pay it, then i ll go to court. Anyway i still believe its unfair..they can simply add a ticket machine in hayle, theres absolutely no problem to pay the ticket!
  25. Thanks for reply! Yes they took my address and my name (as everyone else took the train from Hayle) and yes i took the train from hayle because i work there and i live in penzance. There was a lot of inspectors outside the train just before the gate that you walk outside the station.
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