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  1. Hello Jamie, Again - can you tell me where you are and when you're available for interview? Your officious PR person wrote a terse response saying you won't discuss my case as I've had a reply. The fact that the reply misses the point entirely and only talks about "the policyholder" seems irrelevant. Incidentally, I have tried to contact her before, only to be told that your PR aren't contactable. I'll say that again: HD told me that HD Public Relations aren't contactable. So, what do you suggest now? By the way, are you ever going to respond re Compliance or shall I just accept that none of you can be bothered?
  2. An update for anyone who needs any more confirmation that this lot are a set of clowns... Jamie from this site, has never updated me on this... : "Jamie, I would strongly advise your compliance officers to check with regulators and RBS worldpay to ensure that HD's processes are fully compliant." It seems his job is to take HD's massive failings away from the public eye, but then to wash his hands of it when he thinks no one's looking. I'm sure he sleeps soundly though. Meanwhile, as ever, I've done all the chasing and shouldered all the stress, time and expense that involves. Eventually I was passed to someone else, who made all the right noises on the phone about how sorry they were and "oh we shouldn't have done that" and "but things are better now" and "ha, yes I can see how it's too late for you" etc etc Then guess what? After another long wait the reply I received made no mention of my housemates bank details, only mine. He then told me the good news. My complaint has been partially upheld. Hurray. Does this mean compensation or any public admission of incompetence or worse? No. The best it gets is them telling me my case will lead to improvements for other misguided souls who unwittingly pick this shower as their insurer. I give up. Got to court. It's the only thing they understand. In short: Customer service is either absent or offensive. They can't explain why their renewal rates are always massive, which stinks. Any problems and you will have to do all the chasing - they'll sit back and laugh at you. Jamie - if you can be bothered reading this, can you tell me where you are and when you're available for interview? If you want to brush this under the carpet (as you did before before) can you get your Comms or Press Officer to call me urgently.
  3. Thanks Jamie. A shame I had to ask again. I do appreciate the effort though, even if I don't accept your answer. Transaction details are one thing, but you don't need the actual account details. You must have gone back to RBS to get these but crucially you had no authority to take money without knowledge and consent of the cardholder. Again, do you think this is legal? "...the cardholder is advised that these details could be used for future payments" - When I give you my details, look at the letter you sent and then listen to the next call where your colleague tells me how daft we are. She reads her own letter only to discover there is nothing informing us of this. A quick check might have meant a bit more politeness and a little less patronising. "When compensation is offered it does not effect the customers right to decide whether their complaint is resolved" - This might be what you aspire to, but how do you explain my situation? The evidence is that HD want your money and then you can forget any customer service, including basic manners. The HD attitude I face is essentially "we've paid you off, now do one". One final word for others to see before I contact you away from prying eyes - my renewal quote is £889. A search on Compare shows 57 possible providers, 31 of whom were cheaper and the cheapest by almost £500. Aside from the Customer Service side, your basic product seems to be appalling.
  4. Come on Jamie, you need to restore some faith, or I can't trust you to do anything before it goes to court action. As it is, I'm sat here waiting for Jamie Neal to ring me. It's been over an hour now... Answer the legal question as a hypothetical then. Is it illegal for you to keep bank records of someone who doesn't hold a policy or not? Are you legally allowed to take money from a bank account who you have no reason to have account details for? Why does paying non-agreed compensation mean you can drop a complaint? Please don't try and hide from this.
  5. 32 mins - I'm put through to the agent who I have had the misfortune to deal with previously. I specifically said that I did not want to deal with this person as I find his attitude very hard to tolerate. He then informs me there is nobody more senior than him to speak to. I asked for his Managers name, which he told me, and when I asked what his job title was he spoke to like a child "Well, obviously he's a manager in Customer Relations". His attitude was that as I'd received some compensation he couldn't see why I had a problem. He wouldn't tell me why it took so long for him to pick up the phone. All he was interested in was why I was calling now, when he felt it had been dealt with.
  6. I will do Jamie, thanks, but first I'd really like you to publicly comment on the legality of: Hastings holding onto bank records for a non-poilcy holder then taking funds from that account paying "hush money" without agreement and then ignoring the ongoing complaint for months. Incidentally, I'm on the phone to HD as I'm typing this. I asked why my renewal price of last year + £500 is described as "great". Guess what the answer was? I've just been told that "no managers have a phone number". I've been put on hold while they transfer me to Customer Services. This 0844 call is 27 mins so far and counting...
  7. Two years! Wow. I'll definitely look at the court route. Thanks for the advice - much appreciated. I'm hoping the HD person will pop up on here, however unwise it would be for their reputation. Insurance don't enjoy a good reputation generally, but I stand by the title of this post. Thanks.
  8. Losses- I'm selling the car as they've priced me out. I had to hire a car when they messed up the renewal. I've spent hours trying to get them to deal with this. I incurred bank charges at the time. God knows what my (ex-)housemate put up with. I work for a consumer watchdog, just not in this sector. However, I do have contacts and I feel like HD are trying to call my bluff on this, as they clearly think they are bullet-proof in the media glare. I appreciate the advice, but court action seems like a lot more stress that I really haven't got the time, expertise or money for. I might have to change my mind though, as I suspect HD play on this.
  9. Hastings Direct They might be cheap, but that counts for nothing if you have to endure the way they treat you if anything goes wrong. I added my housemate to the policy, which was a tortuous process. Then without permission, they kept her bank details and then took money out of her account, (not mine) just before Christmas last year, which left her financially knackered. This would have been bad enough. They then claimed that they'd informed us this would happen in a letter, and despite us reading the letter to them over the phone, would not admit they were in the wrong. They eventually gave us some nominal "hush money", but I didn't ask for or agree to this. Then, they messed up my renewal again (penance for causing a fuss?), and because they didn't act on it when I asked them to, they then tried to stiff me for an extra £500 quid "the next cheapest quote". Hmmm... Forgot to mention this earlier, but when they didn't act on the renewal, rather than telling me they hadn't done anything, they informed DVLA who wanted to take legal action. Of course HD didn't think this was worth mentioning to me. This prompt from DVLA meant I found out that HD had done nothing and that's when they said they wouldn't honour the original quote, even though it was their fault. They did in the end, after more 0844 calls and misery. On top of all this, they have now sent me a renewal quote for.... £500 more than last year. They are fully aware of the stress and financial injury they've put me and my housemate through, yet still try to fleece me at renewal. I've asked for them to comment on the legality of holding non policy holders bank details and taking monies with no authority - no response. They informed me in a letter that they'd deal with this complaint - no response. They told me that someone senior (above a gentleman called John McGrath) would call me - no response. A customer services member of staff wrote to me, informing me that if (!) I was unhappy, on top of the complaint, I could take this to the Financial Ombudsman, details enclosed - no enclosure. I've asked the Financial Ombudsman for advice. They ask that I exhaust my complaint with HD first. What do you do if they promise to call and deal with it? Learn from my and others experience. Run a mile from this lot.
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