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  1. It does concern me still. I have a current and an ISA. No bills, though i did pay couple bills to help my dad out and one bill shows up as Santender....but that was one off. I have not withheld anything and have no secrets. Dont mind the routine checks but still.
  2. Thanks for replying. Yes JSA it is income based and in regards to how much in my ISA its is much less then £6000. And it doesnt mention anything about another interview and doesnt say anything about that interview on signing day.
  3. Hey so today i got a letter from DWP titledcustomer compliance interview...I have no idea what this is about. My circumstancs have not changed however the letter indicates this. I had an appt on my last signing date...regular interview where i needed to bring in my passport,birth certificate, driving licence, bank statments and proof of bills if i pay any which i don't. I have seen several threads regarding his....are DWP doing random spot checks? Asi said nothing has changed in regards to my claim, though on that last appt on my bank statement he noticed a payment from Bedford Hos
  4. Thanks for info. I believe my local office is open but bit appears there is no sign.
  5. Well in my local office letters were handed out telling you of next sign dates and 2nd Jan was not listed, skipped to 16th. And not in Scotland. I didnt get this letter. Ergo i ask.
  6. Quick question....2nd Jan there is no sign day? And payment will come next Tuesday as normal?? Called main number to check but closed. Worried not gone through cause i sign different desks, different times so my little file they get out when you sign gets moved all the time.
  7. Hey Happy New Yr!!! Onto my question, i was due to sign today but assumed there was no signing due to the holiday period. Last signed 19th Dec, however was due to see advisor but was then asked to sign at different desk. When i asked about my next sign the lady was clueless and said she wasn't sure. I have an appt with my advisor but thats not a sign day. Question is was there a sign today and when would money show...as normal on Tuesday? Tried calling but dont think anyone in today, so how would the money be released?
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