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  1. Yes it is the agency that are disciplining, but they are using their clients absence point system to do it?? Not their own policy.. Thanks Guys for you help I have spoken to ACAS and they cannot dismiss me for time off with dependant. (well they can if they want to but i can take it further).... They said I have asserted my legal right to reasonable time off with a dependant. And the other is petty and unreasonable if I have made the time up and it was agreed for me to do so. So as I have not had any warnings for timekeeping before i feel that a verbal warnng is the most for the fist=rst i
  2. I must add that I am a Agency employee and I have just found my contract and looked at their employee handbook and it doesn't state anywhere that their absence policy includes Bradford Points (this is their clients system). So I have not signed to say I am aware that I am subject to bradford points, which none of us where at first. Nor does it state that we go by the clients absence policy or anything like that
  3. Yep they use it for everything. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi thanks for your help everyone. I have no other warnings etc for time keeping just the one verbal warning for previous illnesses. My Car has now been fixed. Also, my child was rushed into hospital They are saying that with Bradford Points I can be disciplined for timekeeping, illnesses or time off with dependants?
  5. Hi all I am new to this but wondered if anyone can help. I work for a company that has Bradford Point system. I have had 3 instances of sickness in the last 12 months with took me to verbal warning stage. Since then my car broke down one day and i was 3hrs late getting to work having to wait for RAC, another day i ran out of petrol (I know but money was tight that week) and I was 15mins late but agreed with supervisor to work the 15 mins over to make the time up. Then my young son was ill and I had to have the day off to care for him. Now I have received 3 disciplinary meeting letter
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