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  1. @bg5067 - I'll try and find an electronic T&C, though I'm suspecting it doesn't exist online. I complained to the Financial Ombudsman service, but it turns out that is useless in this case. Thistle acted as an intermediary for Alpha A/s in Denmark, which the FOS tell me means that it is not under their jurisdiction. I have to complain to the Danish equivalent. This costs money unfortunately - not a lot, but I'm wondering how far it makes sense taking this. Annoyingly Thistle themselves, in response to my complaint, directed me to the UK FOS as my next port of call. Evidently
  2. Hi, I'm with Thistle Insurance services, part of Jardine Lloyd Thompson, trading as PAWS pet insurance. thanks, -- Tim.
  3. Hi, Our dog is about 15 years old, hence the large excesses. The issue - as I see it - is that the documents do not make clear, nor has it been made clear at any point in the past, that the excess is per condition per policy year - on a first reading it looks like it is just per condition. The wording before the excess tables is "What you must pay for each illness or injury that is treated during the period of insurance". I would have expected the "period of insurance" to include the 12 month period during which I am eligible for payments from the insurer for each illness/c
  4. It's Paws Pet Insurance from Jardine Lloyd Thompson. I've contacted the Ombudsman, and will be putting in a complaint. thanks, Tim.
  5. Hi, I have a dog, who is insured, with a long term condition for which he is on medication. He had a stroke last April and is on heart medication. Our insurance policy clearly states that they will pay out for no more than 12 months per condition - I have no dispute with this, the period of payment is coming to an end, but that's how it is. Similarly the excesses, although steep, are made very clear (a fixed 170 plus 30%). I renew the policy every 12 months, in October, and have been with this company since we first got our dog. What I didn't expect was to have the fixed ex
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