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  1. Hello speedfreek, Thank you for the info, I have had many things to deal with over the years and had help in the past from C A B.and other people also, My son has offered to make up what money I will lose so after some thought thats what we have decided. I have proven so many times that I have got problems but still they want more. nervous break downs, back operations, and now I have anemia due to low red blood count. I had to go to hospital to make sure it wasn't cancer. I started with angina and also had a heart attack about 5 years ago. Thank you again but I have made up my mind. Best regards to you all. Alan.
  2. Thank you all for getting back to me, I have given it a lot of thought but I won't claim for pip. A few months ago I had a letter about claiming for ESA about money that they might have not paid me I filled in the form and was told they needed more information It went on for 3 months filling in forms phone calls waiting for them to phone me which they never did even though I had told them thats what the last person I had spoken to had said. I really can't cope with all the upset, I was given DLA for life after a doctor came to my home for over 2 hours only for them to change it without me knowing to indefinite a couple of years later. I also had to go for a medical and was seen for less than 10 minutes and was told I had to sign at the job center the job center wouldn't allow me to sign on because of my problems.It took a couple of months to get that sorted out that was because one of the job center staff helped me. I'm 69 soon and really will manage on my pension. Thank you all again. Alan.
  3. Hello brassnecked, Thank for getting back to me, I have decided not to bother with claiming for PIP. I have filled in so much paperwork over the years and all the stress it caused not just with my health but with my marriage also. Thanks again. Alan.
  4. Hello and good morning, I have been informed that my DLA is stopping and was asked if I wanted to claim PIP which I have done over the phone. I was hoping to download the form online until the proper form arrives in the post. I thought if I could fill in the forms with a little more time to consider my answers without the pressure of returning the completed forms on the dates that they require. Does anyone know whether the 2018 forms are the same for 2019 because I don't want to download them if the government has decided to change anything. Thank you for any help you could give me. Alan.
  5. Hello honeybee13, Yes I realised after I had posted that I had already asked the same questions sorry.pin62
  6. Can anyone tell me what happens to the carers allowance my wife receives for looking after me when she gets a reduced state pension next year. Thanks for any information given. pin62.
  7. Thank you both for getting back to me, my wife will get a reduced pension because of paying a married womans stamp. We have also been told that due to the change in the pension she might get a full pension don't know if that's correct either. Thanks again.pin62.
  8. Can anyone help me please, my wife gets carers allowance for looking after me. Will she still be able to claim carers when she becomes a old age pensioner?Thank you for any information. pin62.
  9. Thank you for getting back to me. pin62
  10. Hello everyone, Can anyone help with this question please? My wife gets carers allowance for me would she still be entitled to it when she gets her pension in about 2 years time. Thank you for any information its much appreciated. pin62.
  11. Hello estellyn, Thank you for the advice you have given its very much appreciated. I will look into Pension credit and see if I qualify. Regards pin62.
  12. Thanks again conniff, I might just get in touch with Andy Baker. regards. pin62.
  13. Hello conniff, I will be moving to another supplier just wanted to wait and see if the Plusnet would contact me again today. Since my contract has run out I have been paying over£30 a month on a rolling contract. When they first offered me the 3 months I was going to give them another chance but I also was seeing if I had more problems. I had a feeling also that they would not keep to the offer so thats why I stopped it at the bank and I was right. They started on Saturday to restrict my internet and that's been like it since I'll just wait for them to disconnect me now. pin 62.
  14. Hello estellyn, Thank you for getting back to me.Its a state pension that I have claimed and I don't have any other pension personal/occupational. Could you tell me what LA means please, and we also get council tax reduction and income support. pin62.
  15. Hello debbiehb2, I'm having problems with Plusnet mine is the next topic, I know how you feel and I was told a lot of lies. I have borrowed a dongle to get me onto the internet from my sister, £7.50 for a month with 1 gigabyte. I don't know how much the dongle is to buy but it might help you get back online. Good luck with Plusnet. pin62.
  16. Hello to you all, I'm 65 this coming Sunday and I had to phone the pension department to claim my pension, what i would like to know do I have to phone any other department because I get ESA, DLA, or will they automatically stop . I don't want to get into trouble for not notifying them. Thank you.pin 62
  17. Can anyone help me please? I have been having problems with my internet and phone connection for over a good few months. It's been fixed now and I was told by the person I was dealing with at Plusnet that I would get the next 3 months free because I had been messed about. I have been told many things by Plusnet and I have come to realize that they should be taken with a pinch of salt. Our main contract ran out on the 26th of May and after that we were on a rolling contract. Because of all the lies I had been told I stopped our direct debit as that was our only option and was going to restart it after the 3 months free that I had been told. They tried to collect my payment from the bank and because I had stopped the payment they stopped me getting the full internet and if I searched for anything it would direct me to Plusnet page .What I would like to know is am I in my rights to do what I have done. They are also saying there is no mention of the 3 months free that they promised me. Any help and information is much appreciated. Thanks pin62
  18. Thank you all for the information its much appreciated. pin62
  19. Is anyone able to help? I'm 65 in just under a month and know that some of my benefits will stop, at the moment I receive ESA,and DLA, my wife also claims carers for me. Will I get a letter from DWP telling me what I will be entitled too when I get my pension.Thankyou for any information given its much appreciated. pin62.
  20. Can anyone tell me what benefits I would still receive after reaching 65yrs. At the moment I get ESA and DLA my wife receives carers allowance for me. Thank you for any info. pin62.
  21. Hello neword, I was awarded ESA and got a phone call one evening in October and was told a letter would follow. I finally got my letter in February after speaking to 14 different people, I had to say that I would go to the jobcenter office in town so they would have no excuse for not printing off the letter that I needed. I don't understand why they are reluctant to send out letters. Good luck.
  22. pin62

    Free Dental work

    Thats one of the reasons why I asked the questions that I did, one of my teeth looks black and was very sharp the Dentist ground it smooth and said he could put a white filling in it for £70. I had been told because it was near the front I could get it done for free. so was a bit confused. I have decided not to have it done its not hurting so will leave it alone.pin 62.
  23. pin62

    Free Dental work

    The Dentist receptionist said if they take out a gold crown they put back a gold crown. pin62
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