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  1. Hi all, Had my official reciever meeting this morning, the guy was polite and very easy to talk to, he went through my I&E and said that as I had a surplus how would £325 a month sound, compared to CCCS who wanted £800 a month I was rather happy. The OR told me to forget about the past and the mistakes I had made and move on with life. Well 11months to go and 3 years of repayments and will be free!!!! Remember in those darkest moments of debt hell there is life after! I chose bankruptcy as I had no other choice, it's been emotional and a hard process but I am sti
  2. Hi all, I took the step of bankruptcy on the 2nd April 2013, it was a painless and straightforward process, well except the build up. I had been in debt for 14 years since I was 19, my total at bankruptcy was 51k unsecured, thanks to consolidating various loans and credit cards over the years. It's a long story but if anyone wants to know am glad to share, I didn't have anything to show for it. I went to Croydon court and all I can say is that the staff were amazing, I arrived just before 1000hrs, the counter opened, my forms were checked, paid my money and was sent to the next flo
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