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  1. My sensitive passwords are something like zd&G6rT+01bS and there are sixteen of them, all different. Remember them all? Afraid my brain is not that well trained. Write them all down on separate bits of paper hidden in different places. Not really an option is it? Write them all down on one piece of paper. Try reclaiming from the bank if you're a victim of bank fraud and the bank discovers how you store your passwords. In addition to solving these problems a good fingerprint or secure key or two process protected password manager will also protect against malicious software suc
  2. Due to Santander's recent login changes Password Managers can no longer be used. I have quite a few sensitive passwords and have always followed the advice of: No words or recognisable number sequences. Use an absolute minimum 8 character length, a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Do not use the same password for multiple sites. Do not keep a written record of passwords. I use a password manager with fingerprint authorisation to make the above easily achievable but can no longer do this with Santander. Here's an interesting quote from S
  3. Hi Hoping one or more of the gurus on here can answer this for me. I'm 64 years of age and live in Wales. Since having cancer treatment I have been having dental treatment to remove plaque from my teeth. Initially this was done at a hospital dental department and there was no charge for treatments, due to a shortage of hygienists the hospital passed me on to my NHS dental practice initially for 2 monthly visits which have quickly been reduced to 4 monthly simply because I'm managing to do a reasonable job of keeping the plaque down myself. Since going to the NHS prac
  4. Will try and explain the sequence of events. The contents insurance was not in my name but in my wifes name, I was not mentioned on the policy at all. I/we were not aware that it was necessary to inform the insurance company of the conviction. When my wife renewed the policy (twice) no questions were asked re convictions etc. Approximately two and a half to three years after my conviction I dropped my phone into a saucepan of water and my wife phoned up to make a claim on the contents insurance. She was asked then if either she or anyone else living in the house had any convictio
  5. I know that I don't have to declare the conviction as it is now spent. But Do I have to declare the cancellation which was due to the conviction? If I declare the cancellation any insurance company will want to know the reason for it. This will mean declaring the conviction which I am not legally required to do.
  6. Can't remember the actual charges (paperwork lost) but the crime was selling copy dvd's.
  7. Thx for your advice. The conviction was for copyright offences, nothing to do with insurance. My only qualm about declaring it is if it causes the premium to be loaded.
  8. Hi, I've searched unsuccessfully for a definitive answer to this, hope someone here can help. I had my household insurance policy cancelled due to receiving a criminal conviction, the sentence was 6 months suspended reduced to 4 months on appeal. 7 years have now passed and as I understand it the conviction is classed as spent and I do not have to declare it when applying for insurance. But insurance companies also ask have you ever had insurance refused/cancelled. Do I need to declare that I have had insurance cancelled when it was cancelled due to a conviction that is now spent
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