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  1. Thank you mariner51. The current Landlord has sold his property and we agreed to move out as we thought we found alternative accommodation. The new AST is for a period of 36 months with an 18 month break clause for each party. Is the AST still valid although we A. don't have the signature of the landlord and B. have not yet moved into the property?
  2. I’m looking for legal advice on the following situation. I have paid a reservation fee and have signed a tenancy agreement for a property that we are supposed to move in to on May 1st. I have given notice to my current landlord and will be vacating on May 2nd. I received a phone call today from the estate agent representing the new LL saying that due to unforeseen circumstances the LL needs to move back into his property (he was living abroad) and no longer wants to proceed with our agreement. Our copy of the AST doesn’t have the LL signature. Can the LL do this? Do I have any rights
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