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  1. Ok thanks , i have the doorstepper letter printed ready to pass over if he returns , plus the prove it ready to post , though im in two minds to send , as a bit of me wants to know if they have anything and the other half doesnt want to acknowledge them and stir a hornets nest
  2. sorry yes he called at the house
  3. Well Guys heard nothing since i last posted online until today......... A Mr Higgins from the Lewis Group called asking for me , my wife asked who it was and whats it about he said "not allowed to discuss it with anyone but me " and left a card to call him urgently to discuss a important matter . So they have not given up , whats my next move ? Is it time to send them something ? Thanks in advance guys
  4. Thanks Delta-Charlie & DX , feeling a lot more relaxed now , I will post again if the **** keep probing .
  5. Thanks DC , can you just clarify should i just sit tight and wait n see or should I send CCA request anyway ?
  6. thanks Dx , should i not bother sending CCA request then ?
  7. yes my credit file / rating is fine nothing adverse on it at all .
  8. yes i joined the experian 30 free trial and couldn't see any debt problems on there , is that what you mean by trashed ?, sorry very new to this .
  9. hi Dx , sorry but what is a CRA file and should i still send CCA request ?
  10. Hi everyone, I have received a letter from The Lewis group requesting a sum of £824.91 Re: Ebay , totally perplexed i called Ebay who didn't help very much as to what i could possibly owe them money for , but the only thing they said was do you have more then 1 account with us , the only thing i could think of was when i worked as a manager for a car dealership for a friend who lived overseas in New Zealand , he asked me to set up on Ebay Motors which the company paid weekly / monthly etc , but then the company was struggling when the recession hit and event
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