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  1. I recieved a letter from FPC stating they have made enquiries for the confirmation of my current address and to contact them immediately. Pretty scary when you first read it! I can only imagine it is from an old network provider that I changed from two years ago because they changed my contract without my permission or any notification thus running up a bill of a few hundred pounds. As a student at this time I had no where near that kind of money to pay out, so canceled the contract and never received anything from the network provider since. Not sure what my rights are, if I ignore this will it go away as they don't have any legal right to take money from me? I'm more concerned that due to the fact the network provider never contacted me via post with a final bill or warnings of payments due that I will have a ridiculous debt to settle as its been two years! From what I've seen online its best not to ring them whatsoever as they have to prove I owe a debt not me having to prove to them that I don't? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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