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  1. I have just received a letter back from Tesco regarding my application to have my PPI payments repaid. They say that I actively ticked the box on their site asking to take out PPI when I applied for their credit card and that the box was not pre-selected. I would NEVER tick a box asking for PPI as I have always considered it worthless. I called them today and they have said to appeal against the letter which I will do but I have already told them what I expect the reply to be: Your word against ours! I tried to cancel my credit card today because I am so incensed by this letter but to do that you have to jump through hoops and they have to send you out a new security code for you to quote back at them over the phone. I would certainly advise anyone thinking of taking out a Tesco card to think twice. I will, of course, let everyone know if my appeal is successful but, don't hold your breath!
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