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  1. Thank you so much for your wise advices. I will ask him to write asap and keep a copy with him as well for proof.
  2. So you mean when he comes over here again he contacts the court himself and what will happen if he does not will they wait for him to come back here again and stop him at airport? In such case will he bring extra cash with him to pay at airport? I will anyway ask him to write to court but I dont think they read letters as I already wrote to them explaining he does not live here and got no response. Many thanks.
  3. Its £35 per month if I am not wrong? I am feeling embarrassed to say that we cannot even afford this much amount as well Thank you so much for your reply.
  4. Thank you so much for helping me with this. So when he comes next time then is it wise for him to go to court himself to clear his fines or they will keep a record that he does not live here and will contact him themselves? Many many thanks
  5. Hi there we are in a very odd situation and would require some advice. My brother is neither a citizen of UK nor he has ever lived here, he is of mature age and sometimes visit UK like once in 2 years for a month or sometimes 2 weeks in a year. He did a mistake without knowing UK motoring law took out dad's car in to the next street at night and got caught my police officer of driving without a third party insurance. He got a fine of £200. But instead of telling us or paying the fine online he gave 2 visits to the local police station, on saturday it was closed on Monday she was told by
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