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  1. Hi Brigadier, sorry to disturb you but have you had a chance to think about the next stage?
  2. Hi Brigadier, Thanks for your help in the past, I was wondering if you had any further advice on how i can follow up the O2 messages?
  3. Hi all, I have received 2 communications from O2 in relation to the letters i have sent. I have posted below. Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed? Letter 1 Thanks for writing to our legal department regarding your credit file. I’m sort you didn’t know about the default. It’s understandable you’re concerned. Your service was disconnected in August 2011 for non-payment of your July 2011 bill. As well as us emailing and texting you about this, letters reminding you about the overdue payment were sent on 29 july and 2 august 2011. We also wrote to you on
  4. Thank you Ims for taking the time to review the emails i sent you. Here are the comms between O2 and myself. The top is the first email i sent and the bottom the last email, which i am still waiting for a reply to. Hi Thanks for the reply to my consumer action group post. I've tried to include as much information as possible. In December 2008 I took out a new contract for a HTC HD phone with O2. I paid the HTC contract + any extras every month without fail until the end of the contract in August 2010. At the end of the contract I phoned O2 customer services t
  5. I have posted the letter with the details added to O2. Hope this kicks them into action Still awaiting Ims review of the emails i sent over to him.
  6. Thanks for the reply ims21, have sent a PM explaining reasons etc. I have redacted any personal information from the emails in the PM.
  7. I am unable to send a pm to you. If you could drop me a mail at [EDIT] i can forward on the emails. Unless a mod can facilitate the movement of the mail through the site.
  8. Hi Thank for the excellent reply to my thread. I have paid off the balance on Monday as a show of goodwill. I asked the DCA why they hadnt looked for and they felt that the £13.85 was not worth the hassle. I have now received a reply from Arrow saying the account is closed. In the meantime i have been in sporadic contact with O2, takes them 2-3 days to reply to emails. If you would like i can forward the emails onto you for you to have a look? The TLDR version is that they say its my fault and i should be more responsible. I will be posting that letter on Monday and see what
  9. Hi, could you move my thread to a more appropriate forum please. Hopefully i can get some advice on how to fight this problem.
  10. Hi Brad, thank you for the reply. I have sent an email to address applied with the subject FTO Brad, consumer action group. Hoping that we can solve this small issue quickly.
  11. So quick background. I took out an O2 mobile contract in Dec 2008 for 18 months. I paid up every month until the end. At the end i changed to a 1 year sim only contract with O2. I had moved house and o2 rep updated my address details etc for the new contract. I paid this every month etc until Aug 2011 when i cancelled the DD and got a new contract phone. Fast forward to last week and I applied for a mortgage and it was refused. This confused me as i had always paid my debts, had a good income plus a decent deposit. I got a free equifax credit report and discovered that I had a def
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