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  1. Hi Everyone, i am new to this site. Two weeks ago i parked on a pay and display street in SW12 (Lambeth). I had to walk a bit up the street to the pay machine, as i was going through my pockets to get the right change, a lady told me i had just got a ticket. I went back to the car and there it was! They never even gave me time to pay!! I have the pics the warden took, the first pic of my car says 09:42 and the second pic with the ticket on my car says 09:43. In other words, he must have issued the ticket straight away without even taking the time to look for me in the process of paying. I went about my business, when i came back the car was not there! (I know i should have moved elsewhere, i'm kicking myself now). It would have been a nightmare trying to get out of the space also as another car parked right up to my bumper. (I have pics) I called the number on the pay machine, they told me they have my car and that it was at the car pound in Bermondsey, same address that kgb's site tell you. http://www.kgbanswers.co.uk/wants-the-addr...-pound/22065931. I went there with my partner to find that it is no longer there! (They gave me the wrong information) which cost £12 in total for us to travel there and back. I went the following day to the correct pound in Mitcham, Surrey (out of London) more costs. I had to pay £265 to get my car back and only then i was given the Authorised for Removal sticker, which hadn't been used, it still has the film on the back (i can upload pics if i knew how). In other words, they forgot to stick it on my car before towing. If they had it on my car of course i would have moved it. You can also see by the pics that my car was in no way a hazard, it was parked against the kerb in a side street not blocking anyone and plenty of other spaces were available. I am planning on sending an appeal in the next couple of hours as it is the 13th day today. Am i right in thinking i can still at least get half the ticket cost back if i pay within the 14 days? Any advise or help with writing my appeal will be appreciated, Thanks. p.s. think i may have uploaded the 4 pics. You can see the time on the first pic being 09:42. Pic 2 also say 09:42 in the description but 09:43 on the pic, showing it took only 1 minute to see the car, look for driver, issue the ticket then put it on the car. Surely i have good grounds for an appeal on this alone. To sum up, my 3 grounds of appeal are, 1, Ticket was issued so quick without giving time for the driver to walk up the road to buy a ticket. 2, The Authorised for Removal ticket wasn't stuck to my car. 3, I was sent to the wrong car pound in London instead of the one in Surrey.
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