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  1. Thank you for your response. Yes, my children stay over and this has been accounted for but the reduction I was given for this doesn't equate in reality to the actual cost of having them over. It was absurdly low and doesn't make any real difference. I'm not complaining about this I just have no idea what formula the CSA use to come to this cost reduction?! On a purely financial note I would be better off not having them stay over but it would be self defeating as I want to see them and this is what this is all about. I will have to look to get a lodger in then, not ideal what with having the kids over and it may be a hard sale to a potential tenant but better than loosing our home. Am I required by law to notify the CSA of this change? I have been looking on line for answers for days and was reluctant to speak to the CSA direct about it without a bit of knowledge on the subject first.
  2. My partner and I split up and she moved out of the house we rented together. I have had the assessment from the CSA and I have been moved onto the New Rules (having previously been on the old rules with a child from a previous relationship). So I now have to pay 20% of my net earnings. Due to now paying the full rent, bills etc. the figure they have quoted me will push me into a position very quickly where I am unable to afford to live i.e. a lot more going out than coming each month. I do not have a high paid job and I want to support my child financially as best I can. If I sublet a room in the house, with the land ladies consent, would this effect my payments to the CSA? Would it be better to have the tenancy agreement re-drafted to show both names or better to keep it just in mine. My understanding is that under the new rules you are adjudged on your net earnings so would this change in circumstance constitute "income"? i don't really want to share my home with a stranger as I help raise my children and I'm not trying to get out of payment, just be able to pay maintenance without loosing my home and then not be able to provide anything! I have discussed it with the CSA but so far their responses have been underwhelming! I was quite up together with the old rules but am new to the "New Rules"
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