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  1. Hi, two days ago I got insurance from them for 401 thinking I did good and today admiral phoned me and gave me at 342.00 and I am so cross with myself. Admiral has legal cover and lots more benefits added to that as well as being comp while Bedford was third party fire n theft n also that price does not protect my 9 yrs no claims!!! I called in n told them I want to cancel and they said 35 pounds which is weird cos my insurance only begins tomorrow with them....is that normal? I have to send in the cover letter and all the documents sent to me as well as write a note saying I am cancelling before end of day or they will charge me for tomororow. I wish I had checked here before buying cos now its a hassle and a stress and I'm thinking maybe just continue with them...what's FOS btw? Nway thanks for all the posts it has made me wiser
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