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  1. I won the dispute and was refunded by Paypal! Thank you all for your help.
  2. No, lol I made a complaint and now awaiting a paypal this position the Usenext. I am very apprehensive and so have read on the internet most cases gain the seller has given the product is digital, so that this case is a little different because I did not use anything from the service. so thank you and have a position paypal i post here
  3. Refused to give a refund, I will enter the dispute in paypal, which option do I choose? Unauthorized transaction or item dispute? Thank you
  4. I'm thinking about doing that. But first I will try to solve as best as possible, if the answer is negative go into dispute on paypal. You can tell if someone got a refund from usenext by paypal dispute? Thank you!
  5. I'm having the same problem. I used the service only on the first test day and I was not very pleased. I went into the paypal account to see if there was any billing schedule to cancel but no. I was quiet and just who won came charging € 95.35 in my paypal account, a shock to me that I am also a student and this value will compromise my income. Emailed to usenext and first responded by saying that they can not refund. I will send a new email and hopefully have a little common sense with my situation. Thank you!
  6. i'm a new User and I am looking to solve my problem with Usenext
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