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  1. Thanks blonde. I will go to security show him my job proof and hopefully he can do something about it. I need to use the gym regularly as well. Anyway I'm bit confused with the 6 months ban. If they decide to go ahead with it does it mean they will inform all shops (100+ shops) to ban my credit card and acress to gym? Thanks all
  2. Hi dx, thanks alot for the quick response. I read alot about RLP i guess technically they can not issue a "fine" however they will somehow have my information (the shop and mall security took info from my driving license). If they pass onto their cerico limited database and Regiester me as dishonest. Could I requested RLP not to do so? Would a bank have access to that database? (I heard RPL have retail clients) does it mean only those clients have access to it? Thanks Again
  3. Hi all, Glad I found this forum and had a good read hope I'm posting at the right place. I got caught at a supermarket for not paying an item worth £35. (feel deeply ashamed and want to punish myself more than anyone else, I don't why I did it had some alcohol before that happened and curious about things, I would never do that again, so no lecture pls) The security took me to a back room and checked the price of item and called duty manager, and they said you are lucky as usually the would call police straight away and then gave me a piece of paper (NOTICE OD INTENDED CI
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