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  1. thanks. I spoke to the management company again and the manager said that the director was looking into it. Quote: "My director is dealing with it. He reassured that no warrants or disconnection will take place." Seems I have to just hope for the best and trust in them. Given that they are making money from rentals and they want to use the site in future, I can't see that they would risk the disconnection. I am not sure if it's worth taking any further action at this stage. I am considering handing in a month's notice soon anyway, even before all this happened, as I don't like
  2. I missed that part. However, I did it anonymously. So I don't see any way that Haven could try anything on. Now Haven are aware that the management company lease the place out. Before that, they had no idea. I'm hoping this will stop the collectors coming to the building. Surely it's only a matter of time before they figure out what is going on anyway. I made it clear that they best recover their money by going directly to the management company. Remember, this is a company who has invested in this building for a long term project. Unless they want to lose their investment, they cannot ju
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks again for your help so far. So today I called the property management company. I was quite annoyed and assertive but without having a pop. They said that the person who does billing was off sick and would be in tomorrow. I was quite annoyed by their lack of action. The manager explained to me that she had a colleague phone them. When I asked "who?", whether Haven or one of the collection companies, she didn't even know! Quite typical, really! Who knows, could have been an outright lie. This manager loves to delegate but never takes charge. So I underline
  4. The flats don't have individual electric meters. There must be one for the entire building somewhere. We have individual breakers/fuse boxes or whatever they are called, but no individual meters. The first letter was addressed to "The Occupant". The second one was hand delivered and not in an envelope, just shoved under the door. They are addressing the the street address of the building and not to any individual flat inside. Yes, the Haven customer reference they are using has a partial name of the old occupant of the building when it was purely commercial. They went bust around two
  5. Hi, the contract says that the landlord agrees to pay for council tax and electric and water (there is no GCH). So the rent is all-inclusive of bills.
  6. Hi, thanks for replying. I've been here for 6 months (6 month contract) and now I'm just rolling and can give a month's notice anytime. This place seems to be ruled by incompetents. If something breaks, it eventually gets fixed but not for a while. And yet they still show people around for viewings, they have even recently put signs outside the building saying "Let by" i.e. advertising. Of course, whoever came today didn't think to call them. It's very strange because they are nice people to deal with and occasionally they act promptly. But at other times they are totally i
  7. Hi all, I hope you can help. I am a tenant in a building of around 20 studio flats which was a former commercial premises. A property management company bought the building with the intention of applying for planning permission to convert it into a hotel in 2/3 years. In the meantime, they have converted the interior into studios and tenants such as me are living there and paying rent. Our tenancy agreements explicitly state that the management company pays for electricity charges. The company used to actually have an office in this building but have since moved out. Since
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