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  1. yes we was paying a higher amount but 2 items had finished so we left it at the higher amount for awhile as we was planning to let this mount up to help pay off some items faster but due to our old laptop battery dieing we got a new one through kingston and mutual so we cancelled the higher payment so we could pay double for the new laptop quicker instead so we could pay it in half the time . havent got any cover plus . did have there insurance 2-3 years ago but i suggested to my partner to get our own insurance as it was cheaper and it doesnt just cover the items from PH . Is it possible to r
  2. Many thanks for the advice my partner has rung her bank today and they were more helpful that side i even printed off the fsa pdf in advance in case we had to take a trip to the bank and kick up a storm but thankfully it hasn't got that far yet I'll be glad when we finish with these morons on the lighter side if anyone reads this post who is thinking of going to perfect homes DON'T!!! use a more reputable company ..
  3. no not got any insurance with them as got house insurance why would they lie in the bank saying that they couldn't stop these payments im very confused now but its easily done this early
  4. My partner has been with perfect home now for several years much to my dismay . We have been paying a set amount of £26.59 for awhile even tho our items now only cost £17.58. We made an agreement to reduce this to the lower payment as its a hassle going in to reclaim the extra £9 odd every week due to needing the money for other things. But the following week they still took the higher amount of £26.59 . Been in again and got promised they would change this by the 12th of April but yet again they took the higher amount of £26.59 so went to the bank to try and stop it
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