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  1. Hi, I have had seven of these loans reported from between 2010 and 2014. All green (0)s, paid off on time, no issues. These were originally reported as "Personal Loans" on my credit file, but sometime in 2012 these were changed to "PayDay Loans". This included all the previous loans that I had already paid off! I took out these loans to cover short-term expenses such as getting the car repaired, as I had no choice but to live in an expensive area where my salary only barely covered the rent and bills. I was unable to get credit from the bank as I had previous issues with my file (defaulted accounts). Now that the defaults have fallen off my file, my only negatives on my credit file are these loan entries, which will remain until 2020! I have since moved to a different part of the country, where living expenses (and house prices) are much lower. As a result, I am a lot more financially stable and I have cleared nearly all my debt. However, no matter how much deposit I save, I will be unable to buy because of these loan entries on my file. Worse still, my employer may be credit checking me in the future, and these loans could cause an issue. I have had four loans with PayDayUK, two with Money Shop and one with Cheque Centres. I do recall PayDayUK at least advertising that these loans could be beneficial to my credit report. I do have to wonder why these companies are so determined to record data that they know is harmful against their paying customers. I understand recording of defaults and missed payments, but recording settled accounts against their paying customers when they know that these will be seen detrimentally by mortgage lenders seems counterproductive. If there is a genuine legal basis for deleting this information, I would be very interested. Thanks
  2. Hi, I recently hired a car through Right Cars (right-cars . com) through a broker (Argus Car Hire) for a few days in Glasgow. When I payed for my car hire, there was a £350 deposit added. Now, normally when I've hired a car, they do not add the deposit to the hire bill but treat it as a separate 'holding deposit' transaction (i.e. hold the balance on the card but do not immediately claim the funds). I have returned the car, at which point I was informed that everything was fine and that my deposit refund will be credited to my account the next working day (which was also what I was told when I hired the car initially). However, a week has passed and there is no sign of the money. At which point I discovered this website: www . complaintsboard . com /complaints/right-cars-rental-cars-at-glasgow-airport-no-refund-deposit-gbp350-c671730 .html It seems that a lot of people have been caught out by this. I contacted Right Cars (whilst recording the conversation) and they assured me that I have had the full deposit refunded the next working day after the car was returned, and provided me with a 10-digit reference number (which is not recognised by the bank). They also confirmed that I should receive the full amount. The staff member said it can take up to 14 working days! for the deposit to reach my account. She verbally confirmed the credit card number with me, so there are no mistakes there. I also asked for the authorisation code, so I could trace the transaction with my card company but I was informed that there was none as the refund transactions were processed in bulk. Now, at this point I contacted my card company. They said that they had no records for any pending refunds, and normally they would know about pending transactions almost immediately after they were processed. It is normal for refunds to take a few days to appear on an account, but 14 working days (3 weeks) is ridiculous! I really hope I do get my money as I really need it. They also advised me on the chargeback process if it were to come to that. Worryingly, a few people have had threats of being sued for libel by right cars for posting bad reviews of them online. I know that these claims shouldn't amount to anything, but it is worrying all the same. There's also an online portal which acknowledges the credit card refund delay and provides a not-so-helpful wikihow entry on why credit card delays can take a while. Screenshot at postimg . org / image / jo3asfwpp/ The link goes to this page: www . ehow . co.uk / info_8511456_do-credit-cards-long-refund . html
  3. Received the following letter from NatWest out of the blue: h t t p : // img254 . imageshack . us /img254 /845 /natwest .png (remove spaces) Bear in mind that I have not had an account with NatWest for about 5 years, and have changed addresses multiple times since banking with them. It turns out it is a procactive refund for charges occurred when I was under 18 for around £200.When I sopke to them on the phone, they said that the charges occurred in 2005 and 2006, so some time ago.The payment is for charges of £172 plus interest of £33.When I asked them how did they get my address, they said it was through a "reputable third party", and that they were doing all they can to return these incorrect charges (her words, not mine).I called the main NatWest number as well to verify, so I am convinced its not a [problem].Interesting why they are going through so much effort to send these letters out...
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