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  1. Believe me I am looking elsewhere. I have been there on the books for 2 years but as per my previous thread I was on a commission basis before that for nearly 3 years where they paid my tax and gave me a P60 which without a contract in place could be taken as being employed from that date. I am just concerned they could try and twist it into something more as I have acquired proof one of the directors has it in for me but cannot confront them with it because of how I got it. As for the recording, I would do it with their knowledge, nothing underhand Am I right in thinking that a
  2. Apologies for starting another thread but I think this is different enough from the previous one I started I was due to be paid Monday (I am paid twice a month on 1st and 15th of the month) and my wages did not go into the bank. This is not uncommon, out of the last 20 times I was due to be paid, 10 of them were at least a day late. When I asked the director who deals with the wages I was told there is no money in the bank and a cheque would not clear until Wednesday at the earliest and there was nothing they could do. I stated I had direct debts coming out that would bounce but again was
  3. No not yet but knowing the way they work they will be working on the 2 years figure. I have heard through another member of staff that redundancy is being considered so just trying to find out where I stand before it all kicks off
  4. That is where things get tricky. I was never given a contract (none for when I was working on commission only and none when I was taken on salaried despite me constantly asking for one). I was paid £433 a month (just under the maximum where I would not have to pay any tax or NI) as the retainer then they were taking the full tax and NI off of my commissions. I had no other employment
  5. I have a question regarding retainers and how it affects the length of service for calculating redundancy pay. I was employed originally on a retainer and commission only salary for 3 years and 2 years 2 months ago was employed full time at which point the retainer and commission wage stopped and I went on a monthly salary. Would my employment have started when I was first paid a retaining fee or would it be at the point where I was given a salary? Thanks
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