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  1. The point I'm trying to make is in the picture - the collision was face on with the door latch side of the door. This surely proves to a degree the door wasn't wide open. The door was still within the boundaries of the parking space. He therefore must of overshot the parking space entering my sister space. He had no damage at all on his car which i find amazing tbh. The insurance cover has not even tried fighting this and has just taken his word for the events of that evening. Zurich hasn't even tried defending her, its disgusting. What is legal cover for, will this be any use?...probably
  2. there is no cctv footage, which is a great shame. So the small claims route is possible then? Can you see what i mean in regards to the place of impact, if clearly shows the door wasnt swung open? and the pics shows the offending vehicle going over into her parking space (thats another pic)
  3. Hi, I'm posting on behalf of my sister. A few weeks ago she was parked in a supermarket carpark and was just about to open the door to exit. She had the door already ajar, while she gathered her handbag etc, before opening the door any further she looked over her shoulder and a car swung in wide into her space (at speed) and caught the side of her door (see picture attached). The chap at first admitted liability and apologised. Luckily my sister had the common sense to look otherwise she could of easily had her leg crushed. What we thought would be a open and shut case has now been going on
  4. Spoke to citizens advice on the phone, there transferring it to trading standards. Should have a callback in the next 5 days. Anyone had any experience with TS, just wondering what they can do?
  5. Hi, really sorry about the blocked text, was typing hell for leather as I'm caring for my daughter. yes I paid the full asking price, £200 on credit card and the remaining was cash into his business bank account. I spoke to the dealer at the beginning of the week who said he will pay the £125 bill and replace the warranty with a lesser one. I gave him the deadline of today. I called him a few hours ago and you wouldn't believe what he is accusing me of. Apparently now I held the foreign delivery driver HOSTAGE, and he's trying to get a statement from him. I couldn't
  6. Hi everyone. A little background first of all. .. we were looking for a replacement car to fit our 3 young daughters in one of which is disabled. Due to our limited budget of £4000 we did some research into which car would be most suitable. We decided on a Honda FRV petrol as we do a lot of short trips and the 6 seater configuration was very appealing. Our previous car had died on us so we required a car pretty quick. Despite this we looked through the various websites and for weeks failed to find a suitable one close to us. We decided we would need to trav
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