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  1. You also need to read up on permitted expenses as UC rules are different to HMRC rules. Is it a hackney taxi or private hire? Hackney allows all vehicle expenses to be claimed, however a private taxi will only allow the mileage to be claimed, which includes a figure for your insurance etc. Once the income and expenditure has been declared, you can then bank any amount for your holiday pay, but be careful not to go over the savings threshold for UC. See How to report your earnings from self-employment - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK
  2. It should/will be a straightforward no, as legislation doesn't allow for it. To be entitled to carers allowance, there needs to be a qualifying disability benefit in payment, for the person the care was provided for. If no disability benefit claimed, then there will never be an entitilement to carers allowance. There is other criteria as well, but if you don't meet the main one, the rest don't matter.
  3. Remember, it's not your work coach doing this, it comes from ministers and work coaches have to do as directed on a national level. Most work coaches agree that telephone appointments are just as effective as face to face appointment, but the higher ups won't hear of it.
  4. Hmm I would say your are being lied too. Current guidance is based on a ladder approach of current priorities. Top of the ladder is 18 - 24 and then filters down to 25+ caseloads. Our jobcentre is inviting people for a face to face, but then changing it if we get a request for a phone appointment etc. Video calls are now a thing as well, but slow rollout and not too many work coaches want to do them.
  5. You may be able to do a dual claim to ESA, if you meet the elgibility criteria. If not, just report a health condition on UC and they health journey/work capability process should start for you. Exactly the same thing, but you just stay with UC. Not much difference other then stamp paid.
  6. There is no clinicaly vulnerable anymore or extremely clinically vulnerable, according to the government, as anybody in those catagories should have been vaccinated. Staff feel the same as the OP, especially those with similar health conditions. Staff should currently only be asking people who would benefit from a face to face appointment into the ofice, however the steer from on high, is to bring everybody back into the office. The current priority is 18 - 24 for kickstart.
  7. When not just complete a change of name deed and make the name change "official", change all of your ID over if required and then this should solve the issue. The difference when using a surname following marriage is totally different to what you are referring too. A marriage certificate is the legally certified document that shows both "legal" names a married woman can use. What you have is an assumed surname with no current legal standing and is just an AKA which has no legal basis. It could also cause issues should you need to claim benefits.
  8. They are not being stubborn, legislation states what evidence they are allowed to accept, which is what they ask you for. They cannot accept anything else. Everything that happens within UC is done because of the actual legislation, there is no grey, just black and white.
  9. But the vaccine doesn't stop the spread, it just lessens the impact. As you currently have a telephone appointment booked, I don't see what your current issue is. Yes, you will have to attend the jobcentre at somepoint, but this should be done in a safe way. My jobcentre is socially distanced for bot staff and customers to make it safer, with a one way system to follow to move aroound and spot cleaning after every face to face appointment. What else can be done to make you at ease? As I said before, it's no different to nipping to the shops or the pub, as many people are now doing.
  10. So currently no actual risk then, if it's a phone appointment. Kind of pointless raising the topic, as no real change, other then having to start to fufill your requirements. Commitments and normal "actively seeking employment" appointments will return as restrictions are removed, it may not be what you want to do, but you will need to attend your meetings, be that via telephone, video call or face to face or you may be sanctioned at a later date or facehaving your claim closed, depending on what benefit(s) you currently claim. Many members of staff are also in the CEV and CV catagories, with quite a few having received shielding letters, who may not want to see customers face to face for the exact same reasons, however they are contractually obligated to do so or will face the exact same risk as you, being they get sacked. What do you propose, we just leave it as it is and do nothing to get the country back on it's feet? Those claiming Universal Credit as part of the pandemic have had to have appointments through out their claim and Legacy customers are currently being sent letters to attend appointments and create new commitments.
  11. But the DWP have been working throughout the pandemic, enduring public transport etc and it's really no different then nipping to the shops or the pub, which people have started doing. Work is available and covid appears to be here to stay, so we need to get on with it. Can't really have a further 12 month lockdown.
  12. No, they have all been re-instated or are in the process of being re-instated. Hence the review, being booked.
  13. So how are they ripping disabled people off? I am confused, I thought you was querying having to pay for the tyre to be replaced.
  14. Yeah tyres are covered under the mobility, but you must book through them or at least tell kwik fit it's a mobility vehicle so they can do the proper paperwork/checks. They won't know unless told, so will charge you to replace the tyre.
  15. Yeah so based on what you say, legislation would allow for a claim to housing benefit, your local council may argue/refuse owing to regulation 9, but as long as your sister has another property where she can prove she lives i.e. paying council tax etc, you can prove tenancy is above board and she would evict for none payment of rent and treat you like any other tenant, they should lose at appeal, if it had to go that far. As you are in receipt of PIP then you should be exempt from bedroom tax, but if you only have 1 carer stay over each night, you may only be entitled to the 2 bedroom rate, obvioulsy if you have 2 carers per night, then you should get the 3 bedroom rate as each carer will be entitled to thier own room. Just a thought, are you staying within the same council area, as if you move to another council area, I think you would then have to make a claim to Universal Credit.
  16. Honeybee, in theory I think as she has stay over carers she would possibly be exempt from it, but something I had forgotten about so worth checking, just in case. Are you receiving PIP, DLA or AA at all, as I think being in receipt of one of these benefits allows the exemption, as carers are entitled to there own bedroom under the regulations if providing care to a disabled person?
  17. I am just throwing possible issues out there. It's not the caring that would be the stumbling block, but her sleeping over in a property she is renting to you, hence the possible regulation 9 reference. The only real way to know for sure would be to apply and go from there, but obviously that has potential pit falls, if they refuse the benefit and you need to challenge them, as any appeal could take a long time, before they are heard.
  18. Sorry it's your sister you rent off. Yeah, it could be the issue of her staying at the rental property two nights a week, as well as renting it to you, that is making them quote regulation 9 and refusing the benefit. You should be able to appeal it. But check any letters they have sent you, to see your rights as I haven't worked within housing benefits for a while, but I don't think the right of appeal has changed. In theory what you propose is/should be allowable, as long as you can prove it's all above board and that she will treat you, the same as any other tenant as per my original response.
  19. Sorry re-read it, also make sure that the council are aware that the daughter you are renting from is not resident, as re-reading it, they may think that the daughter you are renting off is a live in carer. Although this shuld be obvious via the tenancy agreement etc. Just another possible angle the council may be going down and is worth covering, does the daughter you rent from also provide care and if she does, does she ever sleep over to provide the care?
  20. Reg 9 only kicks in if you live with the close relative you rent from. As long as you can prove the tenancy isn't contrived, is at the normal rental rate and has been rented out before, then in theory you should be able to claim housing benefit. They should check and ask for proof of rent being passed to the landlord after the first 6 months.
  21. No targets for sanctions, in fact currently throwned upon owing to the pandemic.
  22. It's coming soon but will roll out to new claims first that have been made after 16/03. No exact date as yet, but next week if not week after.
  23. I get what you want to happen, but its legislation and very unlikely to be reversed. I have signed it though as I wholeheartedly agree that it is a shambles.
  24. £6k is when it starts to have tarrif income, but for some reason the DWP do ask or at least used to, for you to declare when your savings reach £5,500. Not sure why.
  25. No different to the staff, that have to attend to see you all. Their risk is also increased a lot more than your risk is. We often get customers coughing and spluttering with colds etc, corona isn't really that much different to the common cold/flu and existing coronav virus, it's just a new strain. Gets passed the same way and symptons are similar, normal flu etc can and does kill just the same, if you have underlying conditions.
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