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  1. ATOS have nothing to do with housing. What student loans do you have and what are they for? i.e. bursary for child, loan for fees, maintenance loans etc. Do you have a partner and/or a child? Is the course full or part time?
  2. I am not sure why the council would have told you not to provide proof of your income. DWP wouldn't owing to the RTI feed and it would be your employers who reported your earnings to HMRC who are at fault, if you didn't receive the wages when they say you did. All award letters etc tell you to notify the relevant departments about any changes.
  3. Debt management would normally contact you to arrange a payment plan, they can also do an attachment of earnings and claw back from any new/ongoing benefit claims.
  4. This is your chance to get away with it so to speak, with only an overpayment and no further action taken, as harsh as that may sound. Ring them, tell them what happened and sort out a repayment plan and the matter is dealt with.
  5. I thought there was a delay in processing and that you normally get a confirmation email stating it could take x amount of days for your records to be updated.
  6. If they thought the claim was fraudulent, the letter would have come from the Counter Fraud and Compliance Directorate of the DWP, as they investigate all fraud cases that are to be treated as criminal and the first you would have heard, would be a letter inviting you to attend an interview under caution. In law they cannot question you, if the intention is to take criminal prceedings without cautioning you first. HMRC use there own compliance team (normally a third party company, I want to say Concentrix?) to correct claims and these are normally dealt with by way of telephone and/or submission of evdince when required. I would suggest being upfront about your circumstances, as they could already know or have a suspicion that you have a partner living with you and if you fail to tell them, this could be then be passed through for a criminal investigation, as they have not asked about this and you have not declared when given the option to.
  7. Hi Terrifieddebt, It looks like you have received a generic tax credits compliance letter, may have just done a random check or may have datamatched and found a discrepency, no point worrying what caused it. It's a basic get out fo jail free card, meaning that you ring them and tell them what has happened and they will adjust the tax credit award accordingly or close it if no longer eligible. If you have not been invited to attend an interview under caution and have only been requested to provide information, then it should go no further then a possible overpayment and possibly a civil penalty (but not sure if HMRC can administer those). They cannot in law ask you to incriminate yourself, unless they are questioning you under caution and even then you have the right not to answer. Ring them once they are open, explain what has happened and provide any evidence, if they ask for it and they will then figure out if you have been overpaid etc. If you have been overpaid then you arrange a repayment plan and nothing more is heard of the matter.
  8. Sorry, are you saying he has had £12k in savings since 2015 or that he has spent £12k on drug since 2015? Presumably the latter, if so then it would be highly unlikely, unless he spent it all in one go, in order to obtain means tested benefits.
  9. They can mandate weekly appointments for JSA if they don't believe a customer is doing all they can to find work. As above, both UC and new style JSA customers are seen weekly at least for the first 13 weeks and then can be seen either weekly or fortnightly after that.
  10. Does your claimant commitment state to update journal or job application section of your account to provide the evidence? If not, then written or even verbal would suffice. If the commitment isn't tight enough to state where to put your evidence then there is nothing they can do.
  11. The onus is on the claimant to claim correctly. 15p or £2 over the limit is still over the limit. You mention an alowable expense, where does it state uniform is allowable, it's normally travel, care fee's or pension contributions. Normally uniform is provided by the employer, so the DWP tend to ignore this. Yes she will get a letter regarding paying it back, but she is lucky she isn't facing a fraud case.
  12. The number will depend on which office the compliance team is based in. The admin for them is done nationally so there isn't just one number. You would be best served going to your local jobcentre as they may have the details for which ever compliance team covers your area.
  13. They would subtract carers allowance from your UC, but you would get a carers premium. Have you tried a benefit calculator like entitled to?
  14. You can have both a new claim advance and a budgeting advance running at the same time. But you can only get a budgeting advance for white goods etc after 6 months of being on UC.
  15. The problem is that it may be nothing to do with your pension. Ring them and leave a mesage for them to ring you and ask them to conduct a telephone appointment, which is something a compliance officer can do.
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