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  1. Excellent news and glad it all worked out for you and that you can breathe easy for a while.
  2. Your work coach should have told you, although now your WCA is on you won't have a work coach and will only have a case manager. If you check your journal it should hopefully show in there, however if you pick the option payment or service issue this will route the message to a case manager to look at, however you could be waiting for a while to get a response as they tend to be overworked.
  3. Your case manager should remove the referral for a WCA from the system as it's no longer needed. If they don't the CDHA/assessment centre should just cancel it but if they do send a questionnaire call them and explain that you have migrated over owing to a change and hopefully they should cancel the WCA. The whole system is a joke to be honest and there is insufficient staff trained and able to do whats needed, most work coaches get this and try and make it easier where they can, but they are as stuck with the process as you are and believe me are just as frustrated as what should be simple is yet again made convoluted by the DWP/government.
  4. Worst case is it takes a few weeks to get sorted, you can't get lower than that. OPSTRAT holds all legacy benefit data and is an MSDOS package, hence why it cannot automatically talk with or be uploaded to UC. It's outdated an not really fit for purpose anymore. CIS can talk with UC, but only holds basic information i.e. dates of claim, amounts paid, benefit interests etc. It does not hold information on premiums, WCA outcomes or periods WCA is awarded for, what group you are in or when next assessment is due. It is a basic info system designed to share data with other government agencies/LA benefit staff. Even if the service centre manually checks OPSTRAT, they still have to follow guidance in order to transfer it to UC and complete the necessary action, which at worst can take a few weeks. However if mentioned to a work coach during an initial or first commitment appointment they can do the checks there and then, pin it to UC notes and send a handover to the service centre, which greatly speeds up the process for all involved.
  5. Don't do the to-do where it asks about work etc, wait and go through it with the work coach at the commitments appointment and mention what we have discussed here.
  6. CIS doesn't show WCA though only what amount is being paid. "where ESA is in payment staff manually check whether a component was in place and, if so, put the corresponding element on the UC award" So they still have to check OPSTRAT.
  7. They should switch off the work side of the commitments and just do the work preparation bit until the WCA is pulled across from ESA at which point you will have generic commitments auto created as you will fall in the no work requirements catagory. In my jobcentre it's just a box ticking exercise until the information is transferred and we don't normally book any further appointments after that. But most jobcentres do it there own way as there is no official guidance on this and insufficient staff to run it smoothly.
  8. Everyone claiming UC has to have and agree to some commitments or the benefit gets closed. If you are working they are generic, if you have limited capability or a job seeker they will be tailored to you. A fit note or an existing WCA will not prevent this form happening as until commitments are agreed the claim is not technically live. If you fail to attend the appointment its an automatic claim closure and and if refuse to accept them it's an automatic claim closure.
  9. Yeah that's technically right, as the two systems cannot communicate with each other. They will have to manually transfer the WCA result over, however they should be able to look at opstrat (ESA), pin a note to UC and then send a handover to get it sorted.
  10. Were you actually displaying/using the badge at the time you were asked for it or was not on display? The way I read your post is that, it was not on display, as such I would question the legality of the confiscation, because if you were not displaying and were parked in a disabled without displaying it then you have not misused it. If it was a council car park you would just have to pay the fine for parking in a disabled bay without displaying a blue badge. The parking officer asked if you had a blue badge, not if you were using one, their is a difference and that would be the defence I would use. "I had parked illegally and was asked if I had a blue badge and I said yes, officer asked to see to it and I showed it him, I wasn't actually using it at the time, nor had I displayed it when I parked up, as such I have not misused it, I just parked incorrectly. The officer did not ask me if I it was displayed just if I had one."
  11. So basically you want to know how to commit/get away with fraud, while still having a good standard of living? But on a side note, any account she is named on will have to be declared, as will any capital that is hers, if you remove it, she will still potentially be found to have the capital. You say the ISA is hers so this will definitely be DOC if you remove the funds, as it will have been done in order to obtain means tested benefits. Her tax credit claim will close down once she makes her claim to UC and she will not be able to reclaim it. Is she a British citizen. If not HRT could also cause issues.
  12. No, but if it is stopping you sleep at night, you could always raise it with your MP. Owing to how the scheme works, there will always be misuse of the scheme, it would be counter productive to check every trip to make ensure it was done to benefit the disabled person and how would they prove the trip wasn't benefiting the disabled person?
  13. I'm not sure why they ask for 10 years as I am pretty certain banks/financial institutions only have to retain the last 9 years of financial data.
  14. They haven't referred to food banks for probably well over a year, they should signpost you to your LA who will refer you.
  15. Its probably been done by the auto texting system and someone has selecting the wrong message to send.
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