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  1. I visited the dealer and after lot of arguments he has agreed to fix this problem and if he is not able to fix it he will return money. He has given this in written. Car is with him now. Hope this should get fine. Will keep you posted.
  2. Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to guide me through. I just called this guy again and said that the issue was present at the time of sale and its not even been 24 hours that I bought the car. He said that he can't take it back as he has now put this on some 'sale log' and cancelling it would take 5 weeks...and he cant sell the car for the next 5 weeks then. He said he cant bear this cost just because we are not happy with the car. I said its not that I am unhappy but that you mis-sold the car and hid the facts. He kept saying that he was not awre of any issues and its on me now to get
  3. Sorry but I am new to this country, Am I supposed to follow a set format for complaint? What can I write about trading standards?
  4. Also I have got 3 months warranty with the car as well. but not sure if it will cover it and its capped at £500 anyways
  5. Thanks. I bought it from a Dealer. How can I have a proof of what I have given him in writing? Also what should I do about road tax and insurance for this car? Should I wait for things to get sorted first before I buy insurance and roa tax or should I buy for one month now?
  6. Hi, I bought an Audi A4 (2004 model, automatic transmission) for £3400 today. This is my first car in the country and I have never had an automatic car before this. I made the full payment and started to get back home. On way I realised that the PRNDS lights were flashing. I had no idea what was it but then googled about this on web. It seems that there is a big issue with the transmission and people who had this problem before were actually advised not to drive the car (even though it operates fine) as the car is not considered to be fit for driving with the lights flashing! I imme
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