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  1. I am going to contact them both tomorrow, I took out agreements with brighthouse after leaving an abusive relationship since which I have put myself through university and have worked throughout...I will never be bullied again.
  2. I am prepared for that, but I'm not a pushover when he turned up yesterday I was sick and it blindsided me...also I am fuming over the fact he called me a thief and a fraud.
  3. I have my bank statements but I am going to call their head office and tell them I want a list of all my payments since I started, I believe they have to give me this data. Yesterday I was upset today I am very very angry no one threatens me or makes my daughter cry I am seriously considering contacting the newspapers and a solicitor.
  4. I am quite confused as to how I go about claiming my OSC back, could you please point me in the right direction as to where to start and who I should make the claim too, and can I claim it back for Items I have already paid off? Thank you, I really appreciate the help
  5. I have used Brighthouse for a few years with no issues I'm aware of the fact that its a rip off but a bad divorce ruined my credit. Now i'm a workings single mum studying for a BA (hons) and everything was fine until a couple of weeks ago when i changed jobs and there was a gap between me getting paid. I called brighthouse explained that i wouldn't get paid until the following week and that was fine however when I was supposed to pay on Thursday of this week I got a nasty bug and was in bed genuinely sick I didn't even think about brighthouse then this morning there was banging at the door my 8yr old daughter shouted me and still sick and in my PJs I answered the door. A brighthouse employee was stood there and demanded to come in and take my items ( these are 2 non frivolous items I will finish paying off in the next few months) I told him no way was he coming in the house and that I apologise I am sick and I will pay monday when I get to the bank. He started screaming in my face that I had broken the agreement and I had committed fraud and theft and he was going to call the police.. .my daughter was crying and he kept shouting that it was my fault. .so I told him to go call the police and closed the door with him shouting he was calling head office and that I was a thief. As soon as I closed the door I called their head office and made a complaint, the store called me and had the nerve to say that oh he didn't mean what he said.. .to which I said if he turns up again I'm calling the police. Then the general manager called me to say she is investigating the incident internally and she will get the store manager to call me. I'm really really shaken up my daughter is distraught because she thinks the police are coming to take me away. I want to make sure the manager understands I'm serious in my stance that i will not be bullied or be treated like this over what is essentially 2 missed payments I have every intention of paying. I'm just really in need of some advice
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