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  1. I am going to contact them both tomorrow, I took out agreements with brighthouse after leaving an abusive relationship since which I have put myself through university and have worked throughout...I will never be bullied again.
  2. I am prepared for that, but I'm not a pushover when he turned up yesterday I was sick and it blindsided me...also I am fuming over the fact he called me a thief and a fraud.
  3. I have my bank statements but I am going to call their head office and tell them I want a list of all my payments since I started, I believe they have to give me this data. Yesterday I was upset today I am very very angry no one threatens me or makes my daughter cry I am seriously considering contacting the newspapers and a solicitor.
  4. I am quite confused as to how I go about claiming my OSC back, could you please point me in the right direction as to where to start and who I should make the claim too, and can I claim it back for Items I have already paid off? Thank you, I really appreciate the help
  5. I have used Brighthouse for a few years with no issues I'm aware of the fact that its a rip off but a bad divorce ruined my credit. Now i'm a workings single mum studying for a BA (hons) and everything was fine until a couple of weeks ago when i changed jobs and there was a gap between me getting paid. I called brighthouse explained that i wouldn't get paid until the following week and that was fine however when I was supposed to pay on Thursday of this week I got a nasty bug and was in bed genuinely sick I didn't even think about brighthouse then this morning there
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