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  1. Thanks I will pay the overdraft first if it saves me money and also close it off or go in and get it downloaded. It was over the phone I asked and they said it was not possible, I originally had it as my main account and all the extras where benefical and I use to get a £5 back before they changed the T&C's. Then I moved bank/house/job and ending up using a large overdraft etc.
  2. Its with Halifax £1 a day overdraft fee and £15 a month account fee, I asked to downgrade so that it would save me the £15 but they said i wasnt allowed as I until I paid off my overdraft. Didn't want to push it incase the said I had to pay the overdraft back straight away.
  3. Hi All. I was lucky enough to get a bonus at work, £2000 after tax. I am trying to work out what debt to pay off first. I have a loan that I pay £165.92 (14 payments to go) the settlement figure is: £2170.08 I also have an overdraft of £2000, I pay £45/46 a month (This just covers the fee/charges) So in total I pay around £212 a month just now. I think if I pay the loan off, I would have to pay around £250 a month to pay it off the overdraft in about 10 months? Is that correct? And would that be the least costly?
  4. Thanks. I think I am just going to have a glass of wine and not think about it until I get the email to complete the details.
  5. Good point I'm just so stressed about it, I might call the employer and say, the defaults where settled within a year so maybe that will look better for me.
  6. I have obtained a new job, the recruitment agent says they are only looking for bankruptcy and CCJ's. I have 3 defaults from 2008/2009. I remember in my current job I had to go through the same thing, this was in 2010 and it was fine. Has things changed, do they now look for defaults? I am panicing about this and cant sleep, the great credit crunch cost my my job and I didnt have enough in savings to keep on top of accounts and now its came back to bite me The banks of course that got bailed out are fine and dandy.
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