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  1. Hi dw190, Yes, I think I will do that. It seems like the only sensible alternative. The parking bay has to be directly outside the house of the person who's applied for it, so the grass verge would be the most logical place to put it.
  2. Hi Kiwi1, yes it is significantly larger than the car which would want to use it, but disabled spaces are not allocated to a particular person. Anyone with a blue badge can park in it, so the car sizes would vary.
  3. Hi nonymouse, We weren't consulted about it so I think I have a right to challenge it. I don't technically have a right to the 'space' directly outside my house, but I do have a right to park there if there is a space, because there are no lines restricting parking. Also, there is nowhere else to park - if there is someone else parked there, I struggle to find a space, not only in my road, but the surrounding roads too.
  4. I mean the place I usually park my car. All the cars park on the side of the road opposite the new disabled parking bay, because most of the other spaces on the other side of the road are off-road hardstandings.
  5. I would value all opinions on this please. There is a disabled blue badge holder living directly opposite me in a cul de sac. He has always parked on my side of the street, and had applied for a disabled parking bay, but hadn't heard if it was successful. There are grass verges outside the houses opposite, many of which have been concreted over to make a hard standing to park on. The man concerned still has a grass verge, but no hard standing. I got home on Wednesday night, to find a huge disabled parking bay on his side of the road, directly opposite my parking space. My parking space is on the road, but there are no yellow lines or parking restrictions. If I park in my parking space, this blocks the road entirely, and you could only fit a bicycle (at a push) through the space in between. This would stop all traffic flow through the street and as it is a cul de sac there are no alternative routes. I am of course concerned about general traffic and congestion, but also about emergency vehicles and service vehicles (such as refuse collection) being able to get down the road. In order to make it accessible, they would need to prohibit parking in 4 to 6 spaces to allow vehicles to drive around the disabled parking bay, and parking is already tight. I am writing to the council and the fire service to complain. Can you think of any good points I should include in my letter? Thank you.
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