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  1. Hello, Ty for reply, I have heard nothing yet from any source. I have read that BT are already 2 years behind in the fibre broadband roll out which having suffered from BT customer service does nor surprise me. It seems I will have to wait a while. It is fortunate I have friends who do possess a broadband connection so I carry my computer to there address and plug it in to download any large files. They do laugh when they see that third world countries have better broadband than I do. A friend has a contact who lives alone half way up a mountain in South Africa who complains he c
  2. Hi, Ty for info, I do live semi rural, 9 miles from a major city. I wrote to ombudsman who gave me a reference number, then never heard from them again. I was able to speak to an Openreach telephone engineer who informed me the line was old and needed replacement. also the two wires carrying the signal to my property were deteriorated and not carrying the signal well. Other wires were available in the line which worked much better however Openreach could not fix the problem without being given the job to do by BT. who decline to assist. As BT have been granted
  3. Thanks for the info, will start enquiries with ombudsman.
  4. Thanks for reply, I will eventually move to another provider although as the problem is the actual routing of the telephone line the broadband speed will remain substandard. I have complained to the BT executive complaints dept who informed me of the route problem but refuse to do anything about it. I have offered to pay for a new line however they say they have no control over the company responsible for installing a new line and advise any new line would merely split the current line on the same route providing only a new telephone number with the same broadband issues. BT refuse to
  5. I have broadband speed issue caused by the route provided to my telephone line by British Telecom. I get a broadband speed of 1.4 meg download, my neighbours in the same area get speed of 2.4 to 3.0 meg download. After complaints to BT they decline to do anything to provide me with the same service as my neighbours, My neighbours are 3 km from the exchange, My line is 6 km from the exchange, where does my line go between next door and here ? I pay for a service of up to 20 meg speed. BT provide me with a sub standard service. Is there anything I can do ?
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