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  1. I went to the court but they would not give me a copy of the court decree but i was told it was granted in january of last year . i recieved the credit agreement from MBNa (the the original debt) i have not asked link financial for anything. Last time i spoke to them on the phone the said they would remove the interest trhat was added after the court case, they didnt and more interest has beeen added since
  2. I do not have the decree. i can see ppi up to 2005 after that there are charges but not ppi that i can see Thanks for your help
  3. i have recieved a letter from link finincial asking me to contact them in 7 days. I got back a report from the original MBna account which has a tick next to ppi. I didnt know that i had ppi, most of the debt was when i was unemployed. I am back at work trying to figure out how to pay . Last time i spoke to link the said their should be no charges after the court case butr another 2000 pounds has been added
  4. No i didnt contest it/, i have been charged around 90 pounds after the court I have other debts , im now in work im in the process of paying pay morgage arrears, c tax and gas electric arrears, can i make a final payment offer Thanks
  5. i was told they bought the debt at 5882.52? Whats going on Please
  6. Link Financial £ 6,629 02/09/2013 Default Account type Credit Card Account number ************ Account start date 11/09/1998 Opening balance £ 7,413 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 31/01/2012 Default balance £ 7,413 Status history Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 2013 D DF D DF D DF D DF D DF D DF D DF D DF D DF 2012 D DF D DF D DF D DF D DF D DF D DF D DF
  7. hi balance at sale 5882.52 6th march 12 last payment made to mbna 1590.85 on 06 02 12 highest balance was 7,413.37 on 31/01/2012 LInk Financial 5822.52 on 30/09/12 76.38 31.12 12 38.19 31.12 13 421.89 decc 31/01 13 35.16 28.02 13 39.15 31 03 13 balance link 6432.85 documents include autoscore sm card application details application form comms 10g main customer information system additional comms log what can i do many thanks
  8. Thanks for helping me. I got the Cra from MBNA what is cra ile? I dont understand what part im suppost to be looking at should i scan the whole lot Thanks
  9. I have received the SAR from MBNA, there is quite alot of of pages. What IAm i looking for? Thanks
  10. Thanks for all your advice, i have written off to MBNA
  11. ave you recieved a Charge for Payment ? The court granted it in jan 13. I will send a Charge for Payment to mbna. Should i try i final payment offer?
  12. I live in Scotland. The credit card was taken out around 1997. I have no paperwork for MBNA. Link Financial took over the debt of 5822.52 on 29th march 2012. A decree for full payment was made on 4th jan 2013. the current balance is 6432.85 Thanks for any help Neil
  13. I had a MBNA credit card which i ran up a debt of £6000. In February of last year i paid £2000 from an inheritance. I have been unemployed for over a year. The debt was taken over by Link Financial. In February this year they went to court and won a court order? the debt with link financial is over £6000, what is the best way to check the charges and make a final offer. Thanks neil
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