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  1. The two letters, consumer credit agreement to Link and a sar to ford credit- just wish toi confirm You said sit tight, however shall I continue to make payments
  2. There will be 7 files. Sorry not very good at this, but learning
  3. Hi I want to get the info over to you but it will not lety me because I have only 7 post not the required 10 THKS
  4. I am not sure. I know there wasa protection for the shortfall if the van got written off. I suppose this is invalid now!
  5. Yes we/ my husband has paid 39.7% of orginal finance. Sorry for repeating myself new to the forum
  6. Yes My husband has paid £6600.36 of a total debt of £16616.08 -39.7% of the original.
  7. My husband had a HP agreement with Ford Credit for a van for his business. Last year I lost a job and eventually got DLA after 5 months for a chronic illness (MS). This resulted in cash flow problems. We missed 2 payments but did catch up a bit. Ford Credit lost patience and sold the debt to IDR Finance C/O Link Financial Outsourcing. I have requested to continue paying the instalments (29 left) but insist on the full amount of £10015.72. IDR C/O lINK will not accept payments and will not reply to my letters in writing. I have been given a run around.
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