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  1. I said I'd get back with news on this - yes I know, it's a further six weeks on! But we have a result - line stability (tho still keeping fingers crossed). Eventually,some three weeks after I lodged the letter of complaint with Plusnet, it was picked up by a very tenacious member of the Plusnet Complaints Team who stuck with it through to eventual resolution. BT continued to give him (and me) the runaround although he was less easily fobbed off with excuses than I had been. I do think he thought I was exaggerating until he had to deal with the same BT team I did. Through his persist
  2. Yes we've had some service for 3 consecutive days - yay! Engineer on Saturday undid some previous wiring done by colleague earlier in this process and that's helped. Am aware there is still an issue 'in the cabinet' which is affecting our line (and others) hence why it is still being worked on. I agree it's probably best if you don't get stuck in at present, Bob - but appreciate the offer. As for the letter of complaint that's been sitting there for two weeks now, unanswered, so another week won't matter. Surprised it was published on the help desk tho as I had highlighted some staff who had b
  3. I do remember you Bob when I was responsible for a largish business account years ago so would appreciate any help you can give! Didn't realise you were still at the coalface so to speak! Thanks to M for the intro too. I understand the no-favouritism basis of the BT / Plusnet relationship (which is sensible) but surely straightforward communication back and forth ought not to be so ineffective. Anyhow, the main ticket ref is 67100694. The current position is we are 'on' since 9.00 am today but if past weeks are anything to go by, it will fail again shortly, probably overnight, and may take d
  4. I've noticed previous threads on this. My own experience with this started with an upgrade to Fibre on 12th March. Plusnet sent BT Openreach engineer for upgrade and since then NO BROADBAND AND OFTEN NO LANDLINE EITHER! Have been pushed from pillar to post - BT landline people, then Plusnet to their "suppliers" BT Wholesale who then speak with their BT Openreach people. No communication between the different sections - all of which are BT. One Plusnet chap confessed that they speak with the same folk in India as if I had gone direct with BT! So much for their marketing of local ser
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