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  1. I had started a new job(2003-4) that lasted for approx 5yrs and I had contacted the Gov about tax credits. I must confess I can't really recall how much the payments were for or if they had separate child/working tax credits. At the time I had been divorced for a few years, my child was living with me right through final Junior School years to High School. I had no correspondence or details about the claim/overpayments and therefore have not queried it until the contact last week. It was a complete bombshell, and obviously extremely worrying. Hopefully I will find out more this week after talking to the HMRC. Thanks for the replies, I'm very grateful for any advice offered.
  2. Hello, I would be very appreciative for any help or direction into a recent debt I've just received. Last Thursday I had a letter from 'advantis' regarding a debt to HMRC for £8347 of which I have no previous correspondence or information. After I picked myself up off the floor I rang the company immediately and was basically told I had over-payments totaling the amount above from 2004. I asked them to allow me time to contact HMRC and see if this is a mistake and I would obviously call them back. Firstly, I'm long term unemployed with no savings currently living at fathers until I can find new accommodation. I have no assets and had to sell my previous home due to debts (cleared) after divorce. I am contacting the HMRC Mon morning to start an appeal process (If that's possible) and pray they have made some kind of mistake. I will also make an apt with the local CAB so I can actually talk face to face with someone or maybe approach a Solicitor. Whilst this process begins I would appreciate and welcome any advice you could suggest, I'm extremely worried the DCA will try to levy my debt against my fathers home just because I'm living there? If the debt stands what help can I get managing it ? Thank you for your time and any assistance you can offer.
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