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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply! I am on income related ESA and at present he is not working or claiming any benefits as he has just come out of prison and is staying with his sister. Hope that helps x
  2. Thanks, do you know if it's the same for housing benefit?
  3. Will that be ok even though I have only been on ESA for a week?
  4. I have recently applied for ESA, just received my ESA50. However after speaking to my partner (was ex partner) we have decided to give things another go, we haven't finalised anything yet but hopefully he will be moving in at some point soon. My question is what do I do with regards to my claim? Do I have to start all over again and restart as a joint claim or do I add him to my claim. He is currently not working and is caring for me often. Also with regards to housing benefit do I need to make a new claim there or do I just add him to my claim? Any replies greatly appreciated!
  5. Thanks again for your replies. Claiming just completely befuddles me! I will read the things you have mentioned. X
  6. Thank you. I have had all conditions for a very long time, my current circumstances have made things worse. X
  7. Thank you for your reply. I can't use public transport due to anxiety and paranoid intrusive thoughts. I can barely go out in the car some days and even then I have to have someone with me. Thank you for the links I'll take a look. X
  8. Thank you for your reply. I will take a look x
  9. I am under the intensive community service home treatment for severe depression, anxiety and OCD with confused/intrusive thoughts. They come out everyday to see me. I am being referred to psychology (I think) and for cbt I already have counselling. I can't go out alone - at all. It consumes my life. My friend (who looks after me) suggested I could claim pip (??) and ESA. I currently claim income support and am not entirely sure whether I want to claim anything else due to the strain it will put on me emotionally. I also suffer badly with sciatica (there's another word for what it is but I can't remember it) it runs from my neck all the way down into my feet, some days I can't walk at all And if I attempt to walk it is a short distance literally double over as I can't stand straight up. wake up in agony most nights and I am awaiting physio but due to the above I will struggle. Both are severely affecting me physically and mentally. Any help appreciated xx
  10. Hi Margaret, thanks for your reply. I did think that as I am sure that the last time this happened the letter was from a different place? I'm not particularly worried as my claim is 100% correct, it's just after my last experience and feeling the terrible pressure on top of my MH issues I wouldn't like to go through that again. I think even when you know you have done nothing wrong, the pressure is unbearable xx
  11. Also should mention it came from benefit integrity centre? Will this be related to my income support benefit? X
  12. It can't be anything to do with living with anyone as my ex is in prison and there is no one else around
  13. Hi, about this time ish last year I received an a2 review form, a few weeks letter I had an IUC, nothing came if it and it was all dropped. Now I have received another a2 form!! After my last experience I am obviously worried. This one wasn't highlighted or anything like the last one. Is this likely to be a review or something more sinister? Any help appreciated xx
  14. Thanks dd. I might post the rest later if I feel up to it xx
  15. Thanks dd,well I did sleep, broken sleep but I got a few hours so that's great. I am exhausted today though, stress most likely. I rang the number on the card this morning, it's not at all related to the benefit fraud thing so I'm glad about that its some old nursery fees. I just feel so down with it all. Some days I don't even want to be here, although I think about it I wouldn't actually do it and leave my kids alone. They do need me I know that. I haven't spoken to the solicitor today as I've got other things to worry about so that will have to keep for now. Xx
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