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  1. Thanks for the ideas, really appreciate it... Can I also ask do you think it's best that for verbal refs. or further questions, is it best if I ask for them to be refused outright or as you've termed it? Also, where that part about derogatory statments being prevented from just the claimaint, should this be made so that it's mutual and applies to the respondent too? Lastly, is there any issue in having all future claims barred i.e. doesn't exclude PI for example? Many thanks again.
  2. ongoing et case- if I am looking for an agreed reason for leaving (rather than dismissal for alleged GM) alongside a favourable reference (comp. policy is to give std one with role and dates) is this usually possible alongside any payment? Have had much trouble securing new role due to the way last role was left and even asked for previous role back on et1. Any ideas appreciated...
  3. Hi HB, this particular one might be but not too sure- sorry, posted it in a hurry!
  4. So if the other side is asking what temp agencies have been signed up to, is this something I need to tell them? Have already shown them mitigation of loss evidence from employment interviews, searches etc.
  5. Just another quick one - the bundle items I want to include also contains various meeting minutes (investigation, disciplinary, appeal) that I want to include as they contain annotations and corrections I put in but of course the respondent wants to include the original versions also according to their list. In the list of items they asked me to send over, they seem to not have highlighted to send over my corrected versions of minutes so I would assume they may already have copies of them? Unless they're trying to avoid including them. Any ideas on this?
  6. Does it mean anything when the acas conciliator changes? Received notification of this.
  7. Good question, I can't personally see it. Rather it could avoid costs if they tried to claim.
  8. So before initiating my ET claim (and I know this will go against the grain with some people) I did speak to the employer saying that as much as I would rather not start a claim, if they wish to negotiate my losses from employment ending we can do so before going down a legal route. They felt they had done everything right so didn't need to negotiate hence were prepared to take on a case. Having started the claim their bundle list I received seems to include communication regarding this without prejudice talk. I also appreciate that even if I didn't explicitly mention my communication was with
  9. Thanks HB, will give it a try. I don't have the details of the trustee so it looks like could end up talking to someone from the company...
  10. Thanks both... and I would assume I should still follow all case management orders as per schedule regardless of any objection to grant postponement?
  11. Thanks HB, I did try to pick the brains of the scheme administrator earlier (before reading your post) without trying to make it obvious as to the reason for my questions. Can I be more direct with them? I do need to submit the schedule of loss quite quickly and would rather not leave the pension loss blank but also uncertain to put in a potentially bad figure.
  12. Respondent has put in request to ET to postpone claim citing that one of their witnesses will be away due to a pre-booked holiday (apparently booked in advance). I have imminent case management orders to follow (remedy, list of bundle docs and mitigation of loss) but in the respondents request it's also stated that 'neither part has undertaken any preparation' (?) I know I'm almost ready to send my documents over to the ET and respondent. Any ideas on best course of action at this point? E.g. objections etc...
  13. Hi honeybee I believe it's salary related (final salary pension)
  14. Have to compile this and have been reading about this in various places. However, my confusion is, how comprehensive should it be? Apologies if this sounds like a complete rookie question and I would imagine it's been answered here before, but I cannot find what I'm looking for. So question is, should it include anything past what I intend to use as evidence for my case and argument i.e. short witness statements (or is that truly part of the witness statment aspect?), costs in seeking employment, medical evidence (was mentally and physically unwell during my disciplinary for GM). etc? An
  15. Thanks for your replies, much appreciated. Also, any ideas on where I could try and get help to calculate loss of pension? Been looking up some guides/sites and could be the most tricky part.
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