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  1. Thanks, can't remember what it was probably to do with a mortgage but that would have been more than 6 years ago
  2. I received a form today from "together" (Blemain Finance) stating that I was due a refund for incorrectly added fees plus interest etc. They asked for bank details or confirmation of address to send a cheque, I vaguely remember Blemain finance but not what I had from them, could this be a way for them to confirm my details and then start proceedings against me for something I am unaware of? I did get into financial difficulties some years ago but have not heard anything and believe all outstanding matters were resolved, could this be a [problem]?
  3. Writing back today, going to baffle them with so much text hopefully they will give up! I am seriously considering telling them to take me to court, any views on that from personal experience or other?
  4. Hi, I am trying to find out when it was scrapped, 17th November 2012 it was removed to a repairers compound for the insurance company, a week later it was removed after the insurers said it was not worth repairing, then i was paid out in the middle of december 2012
  5. icecoach2020

    SORN fine

    Hi all, new on here today, will try to keep this as short as possible as i am sure it will have been answered somewhere, 17th nov 2012 my car was written off. no fault of mine, a company dealing for my insurers took over to process the claim, arguments started regarding value eventually settled and 3rd party insurers paid up middle of dec, my car had a cherished plate so i had to retain that and get a new number prior to it being scrapped. V5 arrived 3 Jan 2013 car tax had run out on 31/12/2012, it was never on a public road during this time. I have now received a penalty of £80 for not declar
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