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  1. Hi I did ask them to send a return email when i sent the proof, but i can check this anytime as i am still in the same bank and i can look back at the dates, so i can get this proof as many times as they want it. I am going to check again this week that they have the information i sent them and they are definitely sorting this out. I don't even know if somebody else got the cheques and try to cash them, or they were honest enough to return them! But i did not receive any refund from them, i will chase up i am not being called a liar when i know and can prove i paid this fine!
  2. Hi all Quick update, found the bank statements detailing my payments, apparently i was told by the court, i did not have authority to pay by installments? Not sure why i paid by installments then, somebody must have told me i could! I paid the first £50, then subsequently paid a further 2 x £50 and then £39 last payment. The court returned the 2 x £50 installments by cheque to my address where i moved from in April 2011, i never received this cheque (as i had moved), and as i have now proved that i have paid they are ''looking'' into the error, but had no feedback as yet. But at least i know
  3. HiThanks for all the advice, I phoned the court this morning and found out it was a fine for non payment of road tax from two years ago. I believe i have paid this. I phoned the warrant officer who told me not to panic and gave me 7 days to look into this and to find bank statement (which thankfully i keep) detailing my payments. If i cannot find this proof, he then has given me until i get paid on the 25th to pay the £100 balnce left to pay. He did tell me i would not be arrest and not to worry, as i had communicated with him which was the best thing i could have done. Thanks everyone for you
  4. Thanks for all the info, i cant think of anything i have filled in for magistrates court in my name, i have an attachment to earning for a loan i could not pay, and have had ATE orders previously for council tax, but i have had no magistrates orders from court. I am worried that i can be arrested, will this man have details of what the £100 is for or is this just his fee? I can pay that no problem but i am not going to pay something i know nothing about. I phone magistrates court this morning. I also read on the internet, he cant arrest me without a police officer with a signed arrest warran
  5. hi I came home from work today and hand delivered through my door is a pale pink slip, attached to a baking card that states it is a no bail arrest warrant and £100 is written in the box with my name and address. there is also a account number which i have never seen and a warrant officer name and telephone number, the number is a mobile and at 5.30 when i got home there was nobody answering the phone. It states HM court Service on the top with the date and visit 1 written on it, i am not sure what this is for, can i be arrest, i though only the police could arrest you? Please help i
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