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  1. No hearing or anything happened. All 3 were judgements by default because claims were sent to old address where vehicle was left registered unfortunately. I figured out each time via my credit file alerts.
  2. I copied and pasted the question from the form as is.
  3. Dear members, I received 3 x CCJs last year to do with Private parking firms but every time came across them well on time with help of my credit score agency and decided to pay up in full within 1 month of judgement date. Just checked for any judgements for peace of mind by paying up for a report via https://www.rtlproduction.com/search.aspx and report says "Nothing Registered" Question is - I've been offered a job which needs an external company to carry on pre employment checks and one of the questions on the form is "Have you ever had civil proceedings taken against you by creditors e.g CCJ or IVA?, if yes please provide details." What is the right thing to do? Should I say No based on report I just ran? Or should I say yes and put a note explaining why did I get it (all comms sent to wrong address and claimant won by default) and that its all paid up in full? How do these agency check such record? thanks
  4. Again, my apprehension of not going for set-aside is 1. Failing to notify DVLA of change of address for more than a year while being registered keeper of the vehicle. 2. Date of event on claim details I've received from county court is from Feb 2016. I had moved out of my previous address where CEL might have sent letters etc. in November 2015. What grounds do I have if judge asks me why did I have car registered at an address from where I had moved out 3 months back, which caused CEL to send all letters to the address DVLA holds for me. Most likely CEL would also know in cases where they win by default is because vehicle was registered at old address and that is a backdoor for them to exploit about negligence of registered keeper of the vehicle. Probably someone from CEL would be looking at this thread and preparing ...
  5. BTW I looked closely and the reference number in the letter worked in PCN field to pay it off (https://www.ce-service.co.uk/pay-now.asp) So now I have what I'd need to pay it off. I can completely see your point dear members. My circumstances are what's making me feel more inclined towards taking a quicker (unreasonable waste of money though I agree) route to pay off now and reach out to court to let them know I've done so. I hope I'd get some sort of e-mail confirmation when I make the payment though it might not have CEL's reference number on it which court might ask for.. I need to apply for Security vetting for work, apply for citizenship etc. very soon and it might just add to my worries to carry on with those applications with this CCJ on my records...
  6. OK - that's for set-aside route. How do I get more info if I want to pay this off straightaway? I need to know details and PCN number to be able to pay if its to do with parking.
  7. I've now received the claim particulars but it doesn't seem to have any details of what and when did I do or what is the whole thing about? How do I get that ? Concerned of losing time as well... Also does it surely mean one calendar month I have is from 16th Nov? There are date from October on this paper as well and not sure what significance they carry to meet for paying within a month clause..
  8. You can apply for a set-aside by filling out an N244 and paying the fee, which is recoverable if the matter is then heard again and you won. - Whilst set-aside is in place and even if I win, I take that the judgement will still on be judgement register for 6 years but will show as "satisfied" ? Please can I check this with you? If you had moved before the date of the incident that gave rise to the claim then you are an utter fool and the judge may well decide that it as all of your own making and not grant the set-aside and you have to pay the full amount plus you will be in bother with the DVLA, your insurers etc. - I'd know when I receive papers from court. Hoping to receive very soon.
  9. Called Northampton County Court Business centre and they are sending the claim details to me via First class post - so hoping to get it by tomorrow.
  10. When you say "before it is registered onto your credit file" - this has appeared on my credit file as that's how I came to know about it. Does it get "registered" after a month you mean when it can't go away unless I win via set-aside route probably?
  11. Well I meant originally it must have been some sort of parking fine I take, but later went to court and became this CCJ.
  12. Could there be possibility of my failure to get the address on V5C updated highlighted and adversely affect me if I take set aside route? I have a legal action cover with my home insurance, can I try to use that at all in such cases?
  13. I realise my stupid mistake and agree I need to get this changed. Been really bad with post office type things but excellent online, though that's no excuse. 1. So would you say the first step would be to request address change via DVLA? 2. Should I try to seek more info on when and why this was issued before simply agreeing to pay off? 3. I'd really want to get this off the judgement register and also from my credit file. Is that at all possible at this stage? https://www.gov.uk/county-court-judgments-ccj-for-debt/ccjs-and-your-credit-rating says it can be possible if paid within a month? 4. County court helpdesk said there is a fee of £250 to set-aside a judgement. Worth going that route if I failed to change the address for a year !?
  14. Yes I had a car when I lived at that address and due to my own do-it-later attitude towards changing the address is still registered there . I still have the same car. Having moved to our own house which I hope to be our permanent address of long , co-incidentally I contacted DVLA last Monday to find if there are any penalties etc. on my car's registration number with all intentions to get the address change done asap they confirmed there was none. Also no points etc. on my license either they said. So I was relieved that thank goodness its all OK and I can peacefully change the address on V5C now. But that doesn't seem to be the case it seems... I don't know where and when they might have issued a parking fine as surely I would have paid and noticed if they stuck it on windscreen.
  15. I called up the county court and they didn't give information of claimant due to identity protection reasons on phone. What they have now given is Solicitor who acted on Claimant's behalf - Civil enforcement limited Their contact number - 0870 919 5577 and their case reference number. Do you happen to know what do they deal in usually? Looking at their website it looks like they deal with parking fines etc. ! Should I call them and check and give my address if they demand? I chose not to give my current address to the court helpdesk and they were fine with it. Should I contact
  16. Sure, I can do that. But looks like the report doesn't normally give claimant information. Please see sample from Trustonline.org.uk (Registry Trust Limited). http://www.trustonline.org.uk/images/Sample_Report.pdf See sample report section on the website says - Please note, the search results do not contain any details of the claimant. This information is available, to the defendant, from the relevant county court.
  17. Thanks for your response. The report doesn't tell who the claimant is. Just says Information source - Registry Trust Limited and Information Type - Judgement. Date is 16th Nov 2016. There is a case reference number. I know I shouldn't be but I'm a little scared of getting into hassle of dealing with something I've not done Ignoring this won't help either I suppose. wouldn't have come to know about this if I wasn't subscribed to Experian though. Should I tell the court my current address etc. if asked? Will they ask about it? And should I contact via phone for speediness or keep it written?
  18. Hello fellow members - Last night looking at my credit report I found that a CCJ has been issued against me on 16th November 2016 from Northampton County Court (Information Source - Registry Trust Ltd) to pay approx. £300. This is issued to the address I lived between Aug 2014 and October 2015 as a lodger. Obviously not living there, I've not had any letters etc. from court. The only way I found out about this is last night looking at my credit score. I've never had any credit cards, phone contracts etc. which I took whilst being on that address. I can not think of anything which could result into a CCJ at all. How do I find out what is it all about? And should I try to investigate now and contact court ? I really want to do right thing and don't want stupid things like debt collectors coming to our new home we've literally bought. Do I have to go to a solicitor? I'm more concerned of this CCJ being my record and not the money solely. I've never done or intend to do anything wrong. My credit score has been badly affected and it might also affect my application for British Citizenship I guess which I am soon going to apply ! I couldn't sleep well last night and very stressed. Please can you help? Many thanks
  19. I will try to explain. He gave me 2 checks when I visited his house a few months after he didn't pay my deposit. He asked me to deposit one immediately which I did and asked to hold the other one for 1 or 2 months. After that period I sent him an e-mail saying I am going to deposit the other cheque now on which he responded if I could hold for some time. And that wait then went forever till today with his various excuses to fool me around including the one where he said he closed that account as his card was cloned or something ! Is there a way I can check if that account which he claims to have closed is still live and quickly encash that cheque? Isn't he breaking law if he gave me a cheque and that bounces when I encash it ? What consequences he has to bear in that ? many thanks.
  20. Thank you for the insights to the fee and refunds. If I remember correctly, It was mentioned by some members that it is going to be a small claim court and I do get fee back if I win. I am not sure if your attached document was taken into account or if that applies to this particular claim. I wonder how would such small level cases would even go to court if the victim has to suffer and pay on top of his losses ?
  21. Hi fellow members - what do you suggest now please? Should I send the LBA or file the case now?
  22. And obviously I had sent him the account details couple of times already but did send same to him after 8 days again as he asked me to in that mail !!! And his excuses carried on and on...
  23. Not sure if I mentioned in first post, but he asked me not to drop that other cheque when I was about to present it and wrote to him an e-mail to tell that I am about to present the second cheque (one went all okay with the bank and I got 250-125 = GBP 125 back) Relevant part of e-mail chain pasted below From me to him... =========== Hi xxxx - Hope you all are doing well. Can I drop the cheque now? Regards His reply to me =========== Hi bowcreek i though you already had done -))) I closed that account 2 days ago because my card has been cloned. i had opened another account.. i should be getting my new cheque book and car within 10 days from the time i opened the account. can you send me your detail 10 days from today and i will transfer it to your account dont send it now as i will forget. send it to me in 10 days.
  24. Thanks but the thing is when he said he will deposit the money around 5th Feb I didn't the letter I had drafted in my post on 16th January 2014, 10:14..... So I just didn't respond to his mail and as per the suggestion from another fellow member I did nothing and waited for 5th Feb to come. So I haven't sent him that e-mail / letter telling him I am suing him . Cheers
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