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  1. I have 2 defaults on my credit file TheyBritish gas set up an account in my name at an address i didnt live at. They sent me a txt message and i asked them to stop the account being set up as it was not me. however it seams that they not only set it up they also now have registed a default against my name for not paying it!!!The 2nd is from a company i have never heard of and deffently never had a credit agreement with. What should done do?
  2. yea that was my idea but i didn't want to do it if their was a limit. Thanks let war begin!!
  3. Carole Nash have sent out a mail shot and it is advertised on their site that they GUARANTEE to beat the costs of insuring your car and bike separately My Bike is insured by them so ive just had a quote of my car the best quote is £600 but their quote was 1300. THAT'S NOT £50 CHEAPER!! I have asked them to explain and i will publish the explanation on here for everyone to judge. Im annoyed cause i've spent minutes of my life on the phone to them for no reason.
  4. Hello peeps I know I haven't had and PPI in the last 6 years but I also know I had 2 loans with it about 10 years ago. Cab i still claim - i know i didn't need PPI cause i was in the RAF kinda hard to loose your job.
  5. I have been playing pool for a social cub for a year - it has run in to difficulty having run bars before I said I world have a look- speaking to the baliff he is staying that the club does not own any assetts which he can seze so he will hand it back to the HMRCHe says the HMRC are looking to bankcrupt the committee members to pay for the debt?? can this be done?Any idears?
  6. top work ill have a look thanks
  7. Of course it wont work its not the point really. Its just showing how little we all mean down here and if you think any different then im jelous. What are the odds of the dicision going our way honestly. It would cost the banks and in turn now the goverment millions/billions. it would bankrupt the country. The mess is farcical caused bu the people behind closed door and will be handled by people behind closed doors.
  8. well i dont know about you all but im fed up now. I need to find a good bank one that will take me with a bad credit history. I dont want fancy cards or an overdraft. I just want to be able to pay my wages in, pay my dd out and save a little for when I go away.(not inside) If I make a mistake I dont mind paying a bit for admin but i dont want to be screwed. Can anyone find me an account? If we find this account about 90% of the country will open it... HELP PLEASE.
  9. Please allow me to sum up..... The banks are charging us causing hardship and distress we fight back and are blocked by a government institution which is "Helping us". This institution takes so long, the banks stuff up the whole economy so the gov has to use our money to bail most of them out! As punishment the chief banker who caused most of the problems for his bank gets told off and sent home with a £703000 a year pension. we are now faced with the situation of the government sueing it's self! I lost my business due to this mess. Yesterday I was 12p short on a cheque and have ju
  10. I was just taking over an existing phone line bt did no work on the line. i even have the same phone number as the previous occupants!
  11. I have recently moved house I phoned bt and asked for a phone line. a week later i found that another phone provider was alot cheaper:-D. I phoned them and they agreed to sort everything out. I recived comformation within 2 weeks of me contacting bt. Recently bt Have sent me a bill for the term of my contract:eek: (12months). I was under the impression that I had 14 days grace from the commencement of my phone line:???:, am i right? any help or direction please. i never recived or signed any contract. thanks people buck
  12. the difference is over £400 so moving its not an option i think i may just try to sue them i may not win but at least ill have thesatisfaction the case will probably cost them more than the 175 quid they owe us.
  13. Distance sale? it was booked over the internet.
  14. My wife's friend has just booked a holiday she wanted to go at the end of this week but booked the wrong month. Upon noticing her mistake she phoned to change it/cancel it and they said they needed 40 days notice for a cancellation- however it was only 35 days before when she booked it! Any ideas how to get our money back?
  15. everyone use to get to court well usually the steps
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