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  1. Hi all, I was involved in a minor collision on Good Friday around lunchtime. Briefly, woman reverses from driveway onto residential street, cars parked both sides. Hit the brakes, minor collision. I was probably doing between 20-25mph so the damage to both cars is relatively minor i.e. scuffing on her bumper and the same on my front wing. Found her particularly unpleasant in her manner from the off but she gave her name and reg number and I gave the same. Following morning policeman at door – apparently, later in the afternoon she has gone to the police station and accused me of making racist statements. Policeman says she doesn't want to take it any further but and I quote "What's really annoyed her is that she only got the car yesterday". I'm told to call her up, apologise and give her my address - "do it today" he says. I called her Easter Sunday at 9.45am and left my address only on her ansaphone. Immediately after bank holiday weekend i.e. Tuesday I call insurance company and report the*accident. Thursday, I receive letter from Thames valley Police (special delivery so must have been posted wednesday) saying Notice of intended prosecution Alleged offence(s) careless/inconsiderate driving Fail to stop at R.T.A Fail to report R.T.A No indication as to which one, given that this is dated 29 March 2013 i.e. date of collision. Is this simply a case of 'crossed wires'? Grateful for any insight from the group many thanks C
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