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  1. They were not particularly forthcoming and whilst on the phone trying to sort it out they just amended my policy there and then with the additional amount via email NO breakdown or written explanation. If I don't get any joy with them before my next payment is due in 3 weeks do you reckon that I run any risks cancelling my policy and moving elsewhere? I'm mindful that we were in the wrong in the firstplace so don't want to risk having my insurance cancelled. I'll agree to pay the difference on my policy outside of the arrangement.
  2. Need some advice on a policy with Admiral please. Previously had a Multi Car Policy with each of us being a named driver on eachothers cars for about two years. I renewed with Admiral but my boyfriend renewed elsewhere still being named drivers on eachothers cars. It's transpired that there were points from 4 years ago on my boyfriends licence that he should have disclosed when we first took out the policy 2 years ago, he genuinely forgot about them and thought they were older than they were. We happened to have a sort out of some paperwork recently and after che
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