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  1. It isn't clear at all, so I will call the court tomorrow. Thanks for the advice and I will update on here once I have had it confirmed. I appreciate everyone's help.
  2. They emailed me, but it isn't anything official. They haven't explained what charges were duplicated or how the new figure is calculated. When they gave the new figure, they didn't then give me a revised acceptable figure to repay. Is it worth me checking to make sure they have the right CCA papers? So far they have been very amateur and it's like dealing with a loan shark!
  3. They have just contacted me and said that 'some charges have been duplicated, and the amount owed is now £900'! The amount filed with the court was over £2000, so would they have to start the process again?
  4. I entered a defence which was rejected, but (unless I am mistaken) a judgement is not in force at the moment. ONESYS will go back to the court shortly. They confirmed this when they said only £100pm would stop court action. I haven't been asked to complete an I&E, wouldn't I have had to do this before a CCJ was granted?
  5. Hi 18 months ago I borrowed £200 from Getapaydayloanfast (ONESYS), but before I could repay it, I took advice from a Debt Management Company and decided to enter into a DMP. I had about £20K of debt and told ONESYS my position immediately. I set up the plan and all creditors accepted it, apart from ONESYS. They took my payments from the DMP and continued to add interest and charges, until the outstanding amount reached well over £2000! They took me to court, stating that they had email, called and written to me (a lie as they had only emailed me) and that they had received no p
  6. That is really helpful thanks. She wouldn't need to claim for years, if ever, but has been worried by the numerous scare stories. Thank you all!
  7. Thanks for the answers. Her only income is pension and Widows pension, with no pension credit. So I believe that the council can only go back a maximum of 7 years and if we could prove that it wasn't for deprivation of assets and for a goo reason that we could prove, then it could be ignored within 7 years? That's really helpful, thanks again
  8. Thanks HB Would that matter though if it was outside of the 7 years?
  9. Also, does any one know if there is a sliding scale over the 7 years, similar to Inheritance Tax? ie if she claimed in 5 years time, would they include a smaller amount of the gift than they would after say one year?
  10. Thanks Patrick. Does it have any relevance what the gift is for? ie, if I could show that it was to stop a potential repossession? I don't think that she would spend the money in less than 7 years anyway to be honest, but we need to to be sure.
  11. Hi All My mother is 80 and has just sold her house and moved into a sheltered home. The cost of this is actually a bit more than her pension income, and as her savings will be significantly over £16,000 she will have to live off her savings until going below the £16,000 when she will hopefully get some help with the rent. She has around £85K and wants to give me £20K as a gift. She is worried about the DSS seeing this gift and then not giving her any help if the future when she needs it. I don't think she would need to worry about this for 10 years or more, but I need to look into it
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