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  1. well he came this morning and again my partner answered the door, he said he wanted it sorted out asap and my partner told him i was not signing anything as i new my rights on sb, debts, he said ahh right no bother mate she sounds like she knows what shes talking about, but i could of reduced the debt by 2oo pound now , but what il do is refer it back to arrow she will have to pay full amount, he knows hes getting no where, thanks to advice on this post and other posts ive read i have learned a lot more , i will send them letters and am looking to complain a
  2. im sorry i have no idea, as i said back when i did have the debt collectors letters i stupidly ignored them i think it will be from a catalogue i fell behind on , defo from 2006 2007 and really think they could be sb ,he is coming back tomorow sometime.
  3. hi im new here and just needed a bit of advice, been reading these forums for a while and wised up to the tricks of debt collectors a little bit ,but any ways ive been with provident many years a loyal customer, and in december and january i recieved a letter stating they were chasing me for a debt from a diffrent company. For weeks my dc who was a female never mentioned this as i excpected her too, the area boss never mentioned it to either me or my partner, i suffer with depression and anxiety so struggle to even answer the door to people so my partner does...any ways the female qu
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