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  1. For anyone intrested heres a little more info i got from wonga:- Setting Up a Repayment Arrangement Thanks for taking the time to look into alternative ways to repay your loan. We'd like to help you find a way to repay your loan which is appropriate for your financial situation. While we are happy to look into the possibility of you repaying your loan in stages, there are a few things you need to be aware of. If you do arrange to repay your loan over a longer period of time, which takes your loan past it's promise
  2. thanks for the info, if anyone has been able to setup a repayment plan with wonga before they have tried to take the full amount you owe please could you provide some details on this. Also is there anyone who has a payment plan and has asked about the credit report default?
  3. yes that's what i thought, i can probably just afford to pay it but it would make life more much bearable if i could split the payments between 2 or 3 months instead of one lump sum? Also if my credit rating is already bad, what difference would a default or arrangement to pay make? Do you think i could contact wonga about this? Would they be understanding and co-operative or are they just looking to get as much of there money back as soon as possible (im worried if i tell them i have enough to pay it off they wont allow a payment plan). To be honest i will probably just pay it off when its du
  4. Hello, read a few bits of good advice on this site but i require some further clarification. I currently owe wonga £550 due on the 12th april. I will have just enough to pay this on my payday 12th but this would obviously leave me with almost absolutely £0 to survive for a month thus forcing me to get another payday loan (which i dont want to do) because everytime i do it becomes more and more. I have contacted wonga and told them it isnt viable for me to pay it off in one, the man on the phone suggested to me that 3 days before the money was due, set up a payment plan from the my account sect
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