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  1. Thanks - do most of them make CCJ's ? Is there an amount it has to be over to be worthwhile or does it just depend on the creditor ? Not sure if I have PPI or not yet to be honest, but will certainly explore it ! Also have a number of accounts which I still have account numbers for that are over 10 years old, sure these had PPI, but not confident on these being easy to obtain...
  2. Thanks DX & Broke, Broke your last post - could you clarify ? - What does the CCA pre 2007 have to do with it ? (guessing theres lots more reading for me to do !) Would it be worthwhile me opening a thread detailing this if I need help along the way, do I need a separate thread per creditor ? Thanks
  3. Thanks Broke, So to clarify we would be better, not paying anything get the defaults registered, then make token payments if we wish ? 1. If we decided to NOT make token payments and default , are we likely to be hounded more than by arranging payments ? 2. If our situation changes in 6 - 12 months, and we could start clearing the debt, would we have any chance of having the defaults removed ? I'm 99.9% sure the answer is going to be no... in which case other than morally where is our incentive to pay ?, we may as well send off correspondence & wait out the 6 years, accept
  4. Thanks for advice here. Quick question.... Not looking for credit immediately, and realise credit files for both of us could be shot for 6 years. Would I be better not paying anything and getting defaulted, so that its 6 years from that date? Have read that token payments & arrangements can affect credit for longer? Long way off but would like a mortgage in future, if 6 years is what it takes so be it... But don't want it to be much longer.... Thanks again.
  5. Sorry for my late response - appreciate your advise. My main concerns / questions are:- 1. If I offer token payments that will mark an arrangement on my credit file which will stay there for ages & i've read in most cases a default would be a better option. 2. Would I be better not paying anything and getting the account defaulted 3. If I go down this route, should it just be my debts or do it for my partners to ? The hardship situation is likely to only be for 6 months or so, but seems from what I've read that not paying & defaulting would have a beneficial effect on m
  6. Hi - thought I posted yesterday but seems to have disappeared.... Am currently self employed after losing my job a couple of years ago, things have been very slow & ive been unlucky with losing a big client that was 50% of my income. Have been robbing Peter to pay Paul, but things have come to a head & we need to take control before they really get out of control. My debt Nationwide - £4500 Capital One - £250 Wonga - £1000 Patner debt Nationwide - £2500 Virgin - £2900 Barclaycard - £2500 We cannot meet all the minimum payments each month, if I se
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